Parkinson Makes A Connection

Phil Parkinson arrived last Summer with a big reputation, and a big task: to deliver promotion for a very demanding fan base. For much of his first six months in charge, those supporters seemed to be reserving judgment, but after 7 wins on the trot they look like they’ve been won over. His emotional reaction in front of the fans after the win in Chesterfield … Continue reading Parkinson Makes A Connection

Parky Pumps It Up!

After the final whistle at Chesterfield on Tuesday, many noticed something unusual. In acknowledging the superb away support, Phil Parkinson looked more wound up than usual, punching the air passionately like a Lancastrian Jürgen Klopp. It was a little out of character as Parkinson usually maintains a calm exterior, but it was totally understandable. Some fans see him as tactically inflexible, but we won that … Continue reading Parky Pumps It Up!

Keates Has Earned His Shot at Next Season

In this most turbulent of season, with so much still to be decided, one thing seems clear to me: Dean Keates has more than earned the right to construct a side over the Summer with the increased cash which our new owners will make available. His side has shown resilience and resourcefulness in the face of a multitude of challenges, and Keates has reshaped it … Continue reading Keates Has Earned His Shot at Next Season

What Would Mike Do?

I’m generally reluctant to criticize opposing players. What we see as a cynical foul when we’re the victims is a great piece of professionalism when executed by one of our own, and we should bear that in mind when we judge others. However, the behavior of Mike Fondop has gone well beyond the pale this season, especially when you consider the source of his inspiration. … Continue reading What Would Mike Do?

#WxmAnorak | Chesterfield 3 Wrexham AFC 2

Last time Wrexham were leading as late as the 72nd minute but lost: 10/8/19 Dover (h) 1-2 4th time this season that Wrexham have conceded in 90th minute or injury time (three were the winning goal, the other was an equaliser). Wrexham have scored twice in the 90th minute or later – both consolation goals in a defeat. Jordan Ponticelli’s first goal since 14/4/18 (Crawley … Continue reading #WxmAnorak | Chesterfield 3 Wrexham AFC 2

PREVIEW | Chesterfield v Wrexham AFC

This is the fourth time we’ve faced Chesterfield this season, and surely the most important. We suffered one of our most disappointing defeats of the season at The Racecourse last October, when we dominated The Spireites for half an hour, only to collapse completely after an unnecessary own goal by Michael Chambers. We were offered a swift opportunity for revenge though, as four days later … Continue reading PREVIEW | Chesterfield v Wrexham AFC

The Mathematics of Survival

I’m sure you don’t need me to convince you that tomorrow’s game is massive. However, the way the maths stacks up, it could be pivotal to the rest of our season. Chesterfield are our reference point in the table at the moment. Our first priority has to be to pull away from the threat of relegation, and currently that means putting distance between us and … Continue reading The Mathematics of Survival

I Love It When I’m Wrong

They say sorry is the hardest word. I think floccinaucinihilipilification is the hardest word, but I accept admitting you’re wrong’s not easy either. It’s time for me to eat humble pie and explain why, after Tuesday’s FA Cup win, I hope I’ve got something badly wrong. Before I fully confess my crime, I want to point out that I do feel vindicated by a related … Continue reading I Love It When I’m Wrong