Why You Should Help Wrexham AFC Build The Budget

CONTRIBUTE TO BUILD THE BUDGET HERE So how much have you given to “Build The Budget?” A personal question, I know, but if football isn’t personal, what is? Following your team has, since those early days or organised football in the late 1800s, been much more than the distraction from the worries of life that people claim it is. Supporting your team is a primary … Continue reading Why You Should Help Wrexham AFC Build The Budget

The FA’s Little Secret

If only it registered on the FA’s Premier League-obsessed radar, the FA Trophy semi-finals would offer them something their marketing team could get their teeth into. The fact that the fixtures will drift along over the next week, mattering only to the fans of the four participants, shows how the game’s governing body makes a lot of noise about grass roots football but fails to … Continue reading The FA’s Little Secret

When Diego Costa Met Andy Bishop

I have to keep fighting the urge to write about the issue of who should play up front for Wrexham, because it absolutely fascinates me. It ticks so many interesting boxes: the choice between a successful combination and a superior individual; the question of whether statistics outweigh gut feeling; the knock-on effects that the decision has on formations and the make-up of the players in … Continue reading When Diego Costa Met Andy Bishop

Ceci N’est Pas Un Carton Rouge

I’m sure Lathaniel Rowe-Turner is a lovely bloke. He’s probably good to his mum, gives lots of money to worthy causes, and generally lives up to the fact that he has been blessed with a name which seems most suited to a generously benevolent character in a Charles Dickens novel. He took the Dickensian desire to mix the festive season with horror a bit far … Continue reading Ceci N’est Pas Un Carton Rouge

The Law is an Ass

So Stephen Wright gets a three game ban for allowing himself to be smacked in the mouth by a celebrity. And it wasn’t even Cheryl Cole, poor bloke. Naturally anger is directed at the FAW disciplinary committee which returned the verdict, but such fury is misplaced. They can’t help the rules they have to play by. It’s a remarkably similar situation to the one which … Continue reading The Law is an Ass

Artell, Suarez and the Fine Art of Discipline

It’s been a good week for indignation. What a shame that the pointless fury of the nation has been directed against a bite in a football match rather than matters more appropriate for such ire, such as the refusal of police officers to testify at the Hillsborough inquiry. Instead the media has scrolled through the emotions from horror at what Luis Suarez did, through righteous … Continue reading Artell, Suarez and the Fine Art of Discipline

Financial Unfair Play’s Why Fleetwood Leave Us Cold

So why do we all resent Fleetwood so much? Because, let’s be honest: we really really do! Want proof? Have a look at Red Passion, where the forums are full of annoyance at the Cod Squad (Army seems too large a unit by far!); the always entertaining Friday column by Andy Gilpin also articulated the depth of feeling amongst supporters; and if we’re to judge … Continue reading Financial Unfair Play’s Why Fleetwood Leave Us Cold