Nobody Puts Leo in the Corner

My co-commentator James Harrison has a habit of hitting the nail on the head, and last Monday he made a succinct point which, in the space of one sentence, summed up the beauty of that win over York better than ninety minutes of my ranting had. I’d been unable to resist the temptation to couch the whole broadcast in the context of a rebellion against … Continue reading Nobody Puts Leo in the Corner

Decisions, Decisions

As we all play the annual game of guessing which players the Wrexham manager will retain for next season, there’s an interesting contrast between two players which will exercise his mind. Paul Rutherford and Iffy Allen perform in similar areas of the pitch, but their approaches are direct opposites. Superficially, they seem fairly similar. Both are lightweight, quick and happy on the wing or behind … Continue reading Decisions, Decisions

PREVIEW Wrexham AFC v Maidstone United

We’re unbeaten in seven matches against Maidstone United. We lost there the first time we played them, back in 1989, and since then have beaten them four times and managed three draws. We’ve enjoyed two emphatic home wins over The Stones. Their last trip to The Racecourse was an FA Cup second round tie in December 2014, when a rare Manny Smith goal gave us … Continue reading PREVIEW Wrexham AFC v Maidstone United

Who’s Your Player of the Season?

Voting opened this week for the Player of the Season and the Young Player, and I can’t recall a more unpredictable year for either trophy. It’s a natural consequence of a season which has lacked stability that no obvious candidates have emerged. Furthermore, when a campaign has split itself into such diverse segments, it’s difficult to work out who to reward.    The players Dean … Continue reading Who’s Your Player of the Season?