Keates Has Earned His Shot at Next Season

In this most turbulent of season, with so much still to be decided, one thing seems clear to me: Dean Keates has more than earned the right to construct a side over the Summer with the increased cash which our new owners will make available. His side has shown resilience and resourcefulness in the face of a multitude of challenges, and Keates has reshaped it … Continue reading Keates Has Earned His Shot at Next Season

Keates’ Bargain Hunt Shows His Eye For A Deal

A couple of weeks ago we were horrified at how quickly things had gone wrong; suddenly we’re loving life again. Losing key players and three games on the trot cost us our outside chance of staying in the title race, and has probably meant that qualifying for a home semi-final in the play-offs is beyond our reach. However, the last two matches have made light … Continue reading Keates’ Bargain Hunt Shows His Eye For A Deal

Luke Summerfield and the Pursuit of Perfection

If Luke Summerfield had headed in a late fourth for Wrexham last Saturday he’d have capped a perfect day with a perfect hat trick. (I’m sure a perfect hat trick hasn’t been a thing until recently, but it’s been an answer on “Pointless” now, so it’s official!) Whatever part of his anatomy would have stuck in his theoretical third doesn’t matter though: the thing is, … Continue reading Luke Summerfield and the Pursuit of Perfection

So Sad We Couldn’t Unleash Tollitt

As Dean Keates looks to clear space in his squad, Ben Tollit’s departure was inevitable. It was also a massive missed opportunity, embodying the tale of a season where players’ confidence has been shredded. I’m a fan of Tollitt, who showed last season that he has the ability to excel in the National League. However, Dean Keates didn’t inherit the man who had frightened defenders … Continue reading So Sad We Couldn’t Unleash Tollitt

Waiting For Sutton

Dean Keates takes charge of his 150th game as Wrexham manager across his two spells at the club today. Ironically, an FA Trophy match is the last fixture he’d want to have. The only priority this season is our league position, and while an FA Cup run could have yielded some handy cash for mid-season recruitment, the FA Trophy certainly doesn’t have such financial potential. … Continue reading Waiting For Sutton

Ruthers Abides

Paul Rutherford poses a problem for me. After every game I record a podcast, analyzing the match and discussing the players’ performances. The issue comes when I get to Rutherford. Frankly, I’ve been repeating myself for three and a half years! The team’s fortunes can fluctuate, but Rutherford remains a constant, relentlessly bringing the same tireless qualities to the side. He makes his 500th career … Continue reading Ruthers Abides

A Week’s A Long Time In Football

At last, five weeks into his return to The Racecourse, Dean Keates has had a week to work with his players. Our remarkable accumulation of midweek fixtures, due in part to our participation in that Scottish thing, with the unexpected addition of needing two bites of the cherry to see off Chesterfield, has meant Keates and Andy Davies haven’t had a free week to work … Continue reading A Week’s A Long Time In Football

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

I’m no physicist but I know of the theory that there are a multiple number of parallel universes, as every possible outcome from every possible scenario plays out. According to that idea, there’s an existence somewhere in which Rekeil Pyke stayed at Wrexham last January. I’d love to know how that would have played out. So, I’ll get out my portal gun and play “Rick … Continue reading Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

Wrexham’s Win Over Bromley Was Much Better Than It Looked

The consensus after the Bromley game was it was an excellent victory but a poor match. The number of misplaced passes and errors was the main reason for drawing that conclusion, and I must admit that, for much of my commentary, I was making exactly that point. But I was wrong, and I realized it as the game wore on. We’re naturally attracted to creative … Continue reading Wrexham’s Win Over Bromley Was Much Better Than It Looked

Making Up For Past Mistakes

We’re entering the decisive point of our season already. If Dean Keates can refurbish his squad quickly enough, we can set our sights on climbing the table; if the process takes longer, we’ll have to dig in for a long scrap against relegation. I’ve no doubt Keates is the man to haul is out of this mess. His credentials for removing passengers and recruiting players … Continue reading Making Up For Past Mistakes

Hoop Dreams: How JJ is Crucial to Wrexham AFC

When we consider Bryan Hughes’ time as manager of Wrexham, it’s impossible not to acknowledge his misfortune with injuries. Manny Smith was never fit enough to play for him, player of the season Rob Lainton has yet to take the pitch this time around and, having missed half the season, JJ Hooper became available for selection two days after Hughes had departed. Hooper’s absence has … Continue reading Hoop Dreams: How JJ is Crucial to Wrexham AFC