An Uphill Struggle

Blogging in the dark is a strange experience, but that’s essentially what I’ve been doing all Summer. The most important business going on at The Racecourse is the stuff we can’t see, of course. Whether we’ll have a squad capable of mounting a promotion push is irrelevant compared to who owns the club and what exactly they have control of. Obviously, in giving my opinions … Continue reading An Uphill Struggle

The Return of Stability

The off-pitch tensions at The Racecourse this Summer have distracted us from a remarkable fact. It’s been an unusually stable close season on the playing side, and Dean Saunders deserves a lot of credit for that. This is the first time, since the idiotic decision to sack Denis Smith turned a disappointing season into a chronic five-year tailspin, that we’ve had stability in the squad. … Continue reading The Return of Stability

What Price Free Speech?

So no banners are allowed in on Tuesday unless they toe the party line? Which is, of course, sensible advice: it would have been hard to concentrate on the important matters on Tuesday, as the ground was bound to be swathed with anti-Saunders banners. After all, there is a groundswell of fury against the manager, who has disgusted the fans by infuriatingly leading them to … Continue reading What Price Free Speech?