>Histon Conundrum Cracked

>So tell me, is it a coincidence that the first time we manage to beat Histon is also the first time we didn’t play a horses-for-courses team against them? In three previous games Saunders has played a back four consisting totally of centre backs, and the fact we haven’t scored in any of those games is surely not unrelated. I’ve always taken it as a … Continue reading >Histon Conundrum Cracked

>Reality Bites Hard in the Lakes

>Four years ago we enjoyed a great laugh at Dave Bayliss’ expense. He managed the humiliating feat of getting sent off against us while he was on loan from us! Rejected, then he bombs out in public! Well, who’s laughing now? Barrow’s victory over Wrexham tonight doesn’t guarantee safety for Bayliss’ side, of course, but it’s a huge result for them. And, sadly, for us. … Continue reading >Reality Bites Hard in the Lakes

>A Whole New Ball Game For Saunders

>In the 1980s the news was full of experts billed as “Kreminologists”. Their job was to gauge the temperature at the heart of the Soviet government, looking to read the signs of which leaders were in fashion and in which direction the byzantine party machine would lurch. Heaven knows how in the loop they really were, and you could ask the same of anyone trying … Continue reading >A Whole New Ball Game For Saunders

>Tactical Strikes

> I’m really looking forward to this afternoon’s game, despite the fact that we’re the two dullest teams in The Conference-fewer goals are scored in ours and Altrincham’s games than anyone else’s-and the only goal in our two games last month came completely out of the blue. Both those matches saw an interesting tactical battle of wits break out between the managers, and encouragingly Dean … Continue reading >Tactical Strikes

>Fear of January

>We’re getting a lot of optimistic noises from The Racecourse, with Dean Saunders talking about getting nine points in a week, and Gareth Taylor talking about promotion pushes. I wouldn’t want to hear anything else coming out of the club; you don’t want your club to give up the season before January. However, I suspect January might just be the cruellest month when it comes … Continue reading >Fear of January

>An Embarrassment of Riches

> Never mind where’s Wally, where’s Angelos?When we signed Angelos Tsiaklis I was rather pleased. Here was a player who’d done well on loan last season and was clearly technically sound. With him on the pitch results were good last season, so he appeared to be a good acquisition. I was pleased with his debut at Cambridge too. Having not been attached to a club … Continue reading >An Embarrassment of Riches

>Will We See The Woods For The Trees?

> Tonight’s game could answer a few questions. Like whether the accepted line on Wrexham, that we excel against the better sides and are clueless when a team sets out to deny us, is true. Forest Green have not traditionally been a side which parks the bus, but their dire league position and the loss of Jimmy Harvey might lead to a period of necessary … Continue reading >Will We See The Woods For The Trees?

Will Gareth Taylor Suffer From Robbie Keane Syndrome?

> The cup tie tomorrow will, no doubt, see Dean Saunders fall back on his most experienced and reliable performers, and there can be no doubt that Gareth Taylor falls into that category. Yet the Kidderminster game posed an interesting question. Look back at last Sunday: Robbie Keane is a fine player and has been a regular for Spurs, but things haven’t properly gelled up … Continue reading Will Gareth Taylor Suffer From Robbie Keane Syndrome?