Muddy Hell Awaits at Newport

Sometimes it’s a good thing that your opponents let in five goals at home three days ago: it shows that they’re useless and ripe for the picking. That’s definitely not the case tonight though. Andy Morrell’s right to anticipate Newport being like “a wounded animal” tonight. They got thumped 5-0 by Forest Green at Rodney Parade on New Year’s Day, and will have been hurting … Continue reading Muddy Hell Awaits at Newport

Shearer’s Bravery Goes Unrewarded

>Spare a thought for Scott Shearer this Christmas. It can’t be easy for him to contemplate how his move to The Racecourse has panned out. He’s a player whose pedigree is wholly at a higher level, an established Football League pro. No doubt he could have got himself a spot as a reserve keeper in League One or League Two last Summer if he’d wanted … Continue reading Shearer’s Bravery Goes Unrewarded

>The North-South Divide

> There are sea changes afoot in the Blue Square Premier which are not only important in terms of the quality of our opponents next season, but will certainly make a difference to travelling fans’ pockets. A gradual geographic shift has accelerated this year, and the division looks more northern than ever. Of the six sides which have left the division only one is northern, … Continue reading >The North-South Divide

>The curse of the player of the season trophy!

>Beware the curse of the player of the season trophy! It seems to be something of a poisoned chalice of late. Andy Fleming picks up the bauble before the Rushden game, then goes home because he’s not hanging around! Likewise, Marc Williams won it last season and hasn’t scored since, his most notable achievement since the award being a serious injury! And the season before … Continue reading >The curse of the player of the season trophy!

>Taking Respomsibility

>I might not agree with all Dean Saunders’ decisions, but credit where credit’s due: he’s willing to face the music. The fact that he turned up to a fans forum two days after the lowest league position in our history was confirmed is worthy of admiration. There’s absolutely no requirement for a manager to turn up and be accountable for his actions, and therefore very … Continue reading >Taking Respomsibility

>Reed it and Weep

>As Dean Saunders prepares to tell players if they’re staying or going, he must desperately be hoping he’s making the right calls. There have been plenty of poor decisions made with respect to the players allowed to leave Wrexham in recent years, some of which are obvious and high profile. A less celebrated departure could well turn out to be the most costliest mistake of … Continue reading >Reed it and Weep

The Uneasy Security of the Pre-contract

>I’m cautiously optimistic, which is as good as I’ve felt all season! Signing Nat Knight-Percival is a very positive early move. An established player in the Conference whose energy delivers around ten goals a season from the flanks is going to be a useful addition, and anyone who was a key part of Histon’s success in recent years is going to be able to handle … Continue reading The Uneasy Security of the Pre-contract

>Is O’Leary The Answer?

> If the three new men are undergoing an “Apprentice” style five week job interview, the results so far are fairly straightforward. Danny Mitchley showed genuine promise at Mansfield, but aprt from that hasn’t really suggested he’ll convince Dean Saunders to sign him rather than look to splash the cash on a more established player in the Summer. Aaron Brown is what his pedigree suggested … Continue reading >Is O’Leary The Answer?

>Holden a Minute!

> Why was everyone so surprised by Luke Holden’s red card against Gateshead? Wasn’t it the most predictable thing that’s happpened this season? He’s certainly a singular character. It certainly wasn’t the first time he made the most of a challenge. There are some people in the press box who call Holden Lazarus for his ability to rise remarkably from the dead soon after he’d … Continue reading >Holden a Minute!

>…and the result of the test is…..

> Well at least I picked the sponsors’ man of the match out with my caption! Okay, so if the Gateshead game representes a crucial test of our credentials, we failed pretty comprehensively. Yes, the pitch and the wind weren’t helpful, but the fact of the matter was that the quality of the mathc was abysmal. A few people have suggested it was the worst … Continue reading >…and the result of the test is…..

>Where’s Wolfy?

>Let’s be honest, it’s looking pretty bleak for Matty Wolfenden. Unable to progress from the role of late substitute, when Danny Mitchley was brought into the squad he dropped a place in the pecking order. When Mitchley was then dropped after one game it was clear that Dean Saunders hadn’t brought the Blackpool striker in to lead the attack, but to round out the squad. … Continue reading >Where’s Wolfy?