Wrexham Should Take Hope from the Year of the Extraordinary

I’ve had enough time to get over the frustration of Tuesday night: I think I hid my devastation about as well as Andy Morrell did! Things might not look too positive right now, but don’t give up hope. After all, in the Conference this has been The Year of the Extraordinary! If you think about it, this season has defied logic, like the Magic Road … Continue reading Wrexham Should Take Hope from the Year of the Extraordinary

Second Place Is Nowhere

Gorgeous, ain’t it? Trophies are great aren’t they? Symbols of glory, the spoils of conquest, unequivocally a source of pride. Well, not necessarily. A couple of weeks ago I made my acquaintance with the most pointless trophy in football. I’d actually seen it sitting about many times this season, hardly in a place of honour, bunged on a shelf at The Racecourse with a variety … Continue reading Second Place Is Nowhere

Hereford United 0 Wrexham 1

Jay blinded me with Science! I equipped myself for the drive to and from Hereford with old podcasts, and ended up listening to Brian Cox’s “Infinite Monkey Cage”, a BBC Science/comedy show which tends to start off stimulating but drifts off into an area that makes my head hurt. That’s usually the point where, trying to balance quantum physics with a diversion, I slide into … Continue reading Hereford United 0 Wrexham 1

Watch Out For Watson!

The Daily Post are talking about aiming for a treble of wins against Southport this season, and they’re right to be looking at our matches against them as crucial to this season. Despite our impressive run of form aganst them (if we win our next match against them, whenever that might be, we’ll have established the longest run of wins we’ve managed against them in … Continue reading Watch Out For Watson!