I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

The fast-moving, noisy trailers on TV will tell you that football is an exciting, sexy sport, full of triumph, glory, joy and tame indy rock. It isn’t. Football is suffering, anger, disappointment and the occasional fleeting moment of hope, which dissolves when you think it’s actually going to turn into something real. Nothing encapsulates football better than Chesterfield v Wrexham, March 9th, 1997. I can’t … Continue reading I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

Nothing Can Go Wrong Now!

Feeling brave? Danny Baker has the ultimate test of bravery for any football fan. He suggests you pick your moment: ideally, wait until your team are a couple of goals up and looking good. Then, rise from your seat, hold out your arms in messianic fashion if you really feel like milking it, and declare, in your loudest, most confident voice: “Nothing can go wrong … Continue reading Nothing Can Go Wrong Now!

Speight Offers Morrell A Chance To Show Who’s Boss

So we’ve lost our top scorer. Bad news on the face of it, yet I’m not feel too cut up about it. But then Jake Speight was always something of a paradox. Just look at those goals, for example. He hit twenty-one last season, which anyone would agree was a formidable total. Yet scratch the surface of the stat and things look slightly less impressive: … Continue reading Speight Offers Morrell A Chance To Show Who’s Boss