Neil Taylor’s Fake News Weekend

Let’s start by getting all the important facts out in the open. Neil Taylor’s challenge on Seamus Coleman was inexcusable. No matter what you say about it, there is no defence for a challenge like that. If, at any point in this post, you think I’m making excuses for him, please refer back to that over-arching fact. Secondly, I’ve got to know Taylor a little … Continue reading Neil Taylor’s Fake News Weekend

Leader Preview: Luton Town v Wrexham

Here’s my column from last week’s Leader. It forms part of the paper’s comprehensive pre-match coverage every Friday, featuring interviews, an in-depth look at the opposition and lots of statistical analysis. All content in the column (c) Tomorrow’s FA Trophy tie is a tricky one to anticipate with both managers likely to rotate their squads. Andy Morrell needs to be careful as Wrexham’s pattern … Continue reading Leader Preview: Luton Town v Wrexham

>A Game of Three Teams

> I wrote a piece for The Leader a couple of weeks ago drawing attention to some uncanny parallels between how their season has unravelled and our similar fortunes. The comparison has led to me pondering our situation further. There’s a school of thought, which to a great extent I subscribe to, that teams eventually settle where they should be, despite fluctuations in form throughout … Continue reading >A Game of Three Teams

>Rotation Frustration

>Brian Carey and Steve Weaver got a lot of experience last season of lifting their team up from the floor after a crushing blow. Considering the nature of Tuesday’s defeat to Aston Villa they’ll have to use those skills again before tomorrow’s game.There’s no disgrace in losing to a Premiership side. After all, the result obscures the fact that for the first half hour we … Continue reading >Rotation Frustration