DRAGONHEART63 | Ghostly Goals and Hair-Raising Feats

Chay Long and Mark Griffiths analyse the Nots County game and then chat to Hereford manager Josh Gowling about the effect COVID is having on non-league football, being on the receiving end of Adrian Cieslewicz’s ghost goal, and how preparation, open-mindedness and attention to detail helps managers make an impact on their club. Then, we look at two great cup upsets whose anniversaries were this … Continue reading DRAGONHEART63 | Ghostly Goals and Hair-Raising Feats

Tread Softly John, Because You Tread On My Dreams

If Wrexham fans, or supporters of any side at the middle chunk of the pyramid, think the ESL has nothing directly to do with them, they’re completely wrong. It’s a project devoted to robbing us of the ability to dream. I’m very happy to be a Wrexham fan at the moment. As the European “Super” League furore rages, it’s nice to feel smug about the … Continue reading Tread Softly John, Because You Tread On My Dreams

Wrexham’s Greatest FA Cup XI

It’s wonderful to see Wrexham rediscovering our FA Cup form and reminding us all of the remarkable pedigree we’ve enjoyed in this competition. When we drew at Harrogate in this season’s qualifying round, we set a club record for the most games without a win in the FA Cup. Since then we’ve rediscovered our winning ways, and now approach an opportunity to add a cup … Continue reading Wrexham’s Greatest FA Cup XI

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

The fast-moving, noisy trailers on TV will tell you that football is an exciting, sexy sport, full of triumph, glory, joy and tame indy rock. It isn’t. Football is suffering, anger, disappointment and the occasional fleeting moment of hope, which dissolves when you think it’s actually going to turn into something real. Nothing encapsulates football better than Chesterfield v Wrexham, March 9th, 1997. I can’t … Continue reading I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

PREVIEW Wrexham AFC v Maidstone United

We’re unbeaten in seven matches against Maidstone United. We lost there the first time we played them, back in 1989, and since then have beaten them four times and managed three draws. We’ve enjoyed two emphatic home wins over The Stones. Their last trip to The Racecourse was an FA Cup second round tie in December 2014, when a rare Manny Smith goal gave us … Continue reading PREVIEW Wrexham AFC v Maidstone United

Keates Lands a Big Signing

Want another reason to donate to the Build The Budget campaign? Would it help if I was to reveal to you that Dean Keates has already made a key signing which will ensure that your money will be spent wisely in the Summer? There’s a lot of justified optimism around the club, and it’s clear that Keates, a man who understands the need for thorough … Continue reading Keates Lands a Big Signing

Back to 1992

Welcome to a new beginning, although oddly enough it’s strangely reminiscent of 1992! The parallels between that campaign and the current one are both interesting and encouraging. That year was the launch pad for Brian Flynn’s long spell of success in the Racecourse hot seat, so going back to that future is something to embrace. The 1992-3 season saw us emerge from the grim darkness … Continue reading Back to 1992

Testing The Wrexham AFC Old Wives Tales

Ever since I’ve been a kid there have been certain clichés which people trot out about Wrexham. One of my personal favourites is that they don’t want to get promoted, a gripe against a perceived lack of ambition which has always been a load of nonsense (apart, perhaps, for a certain period in our history when it’s quite conceivable that there were people in the … Continue reading Testing The Wrexham AFC Old Wives Tales

Winter Draws On

Sono match tonight then! Thankfully, thus far we’ve had a pretty mild winter and avoided the nightmare of having to rearrange a tranche of fixtures. Unfortunately we’ve had a couple of postponements, and the fixtures were just about as distant as you could imagine, but hopefully we won’t suffer any more. We did have a near miss about closer to home though, which brought back … Continue reading Winter Draws On