>Watching Sgorio’s Welsh Cup highlights this weekend was quite a ride, with ex-Wrexham players certainly claiming centre stage! The main game-and what a game!-was the Neath-Llanelli derby. For Neath, Anthony Williams was between the sticks and was rather static for the opening goal, while Llewellyn missed a penalty and picked up a yellow for a rather vindictive, needless hack. No surprises so far! To be … Continue reading >WELSH CUP MAYHEM!!! MAYHEM!!!! MAYHEM!!!!!

>Saunders Gets Sak

> It was an obvious headline to avoid, but there are other reasons why I’m glad we haven’t diving into signing young Erwin.I’ll happily subscribe to the notion that we should bring in another goalie: if, heaven forbid, something should happen to Chris Maxwell, we’d be in a hell of a hole. However, the permanent signature of another young keeper wouldn’t be the correct response.Sam … Continue reading >Saunders Gets Sak

>Maxwell’s Youth Doomed The Oldie Goalies

> Could it be that Chris Maxwell’s age is what cost one of our other keepers their jobs? Gavin Ward and Anthony Williams are two experienced goalies who fit the bill as able back-ups but have shown this season that they’re not the men to rely if you want to make a promotion push. And that’s the problem. Chris Maxwell also made a point at … Continue reading >Maxwell’s Youth Doomed The Oldie Goalies

>Can Maxwell Survive the Goalkeeper’s Graveyard?

> So will Gunnar Neilsen’s unfortunate injury open the door for Chris Maxwell? He was lined up for a shot in the team before Neilsen arrived, only to be folied by a training ground injury, and Connah’s Quay will testify to his ability, as they’ve found things tough since he returned to The Racecourse at the end of his loan. I’d assumed for a while … Continue reading >Can Maxwell Survive the Goalkeeper’s Graveyard?

>Can Williams Grab His Chance?

>Dean Saunders has shown in his managerial career so far that he isn’t frightened of making big decisions, though our poor run of recent form has forced him to make more than he would have liked of late. Gavin Ward is the most high profile victim of our recent collapse, and you can understand that decision: while he hasn’t exactly been committing howlers, there have … Continue reading >Can Williams Grab His Chance?


>I learned at the weekend that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. One of my favourite moments last season was in a game between Darlington and Bury. A Darlo player crosses the ball into the goalmouth and, in trying to hook the ball over his shoulder to safety, a defender slams it into his own face so hard it bounces into the net. It … Continue reading >Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooops

>Beating the deadline

>Anthony Williams, eh? The Pepe Reina of the lower divisions! Well known for his penalty saving but, as I recall, not that hot when it comes to commanding the box. Mind you, in the circumstances I can’t imagine us getting anyone better, and he could turn out to be a good acquisition. Interestingly, Brian Carey’s been able to make some experienced signings in the loan … Continue reading >Beating the deadline