VOTE | Wrexham AFC’s Best National League Midfield

Over the next few days, you can pick the best XI to have represented Wrexham in the National League. Each day there’ll be a poll for a different position – after you’ve voted for each position your XI will be revealed. Who will you pick in Wrexham’s best National League Midfield? As we’ve played 4-3-3 for most of our time in the division, the side … Continue reading VOTE | Wrexham AFC’s Best National League Midfield

Morrell Upgrades Saunders’ 4-3-3

The Hereford game was interesting on a tactical level. It showed an important progression over the course of Andy Morrell’s time as manager. The general shape of the game showed a tactical progression we’ve made under Morrell. While he’s maintained the 4-3-3 we established under Dean Saunders, an issue we used to have under his predecessor doesn’t tend to be as pronounced. Morrell was wise … Continue reading Morrell Upgrades Saunders’ 4-3-3

Tactical Report: 13rd August 2011 Wrexham 3 Tamworth 0 Blue Square Bet Premier

Tactics came to the fore in this match, with the crowd’s reaction to Dean Saunders’ approach sparking post-match debate on Red Passion. The manager was quick to lay bare his approach after the match as well, and to be honest the dissent over what was seen as negative passing is baffling: Wrexham stuck to his gameplan and as a result earned an emphatic win over awkward … Continue reading Tactical Report: 13rd August 2011 Wrexham 3 Tamworth 0 Blue Square Bet Premier

>The curse of the player of the season trophy!

>Beware the curse of the player of the season trophy! It seems to be something of a poisoned chalice of late. Andy Fleming picks up the bauble before the Rushden game, then goes home because he’s not hanging around! Likewise, Marc Williams won it last season and hasn’t scored since, his most notable achievement since the award being a serious injury! And the season before … Continue reading >The curse of the player of the season trophy!

>Quality in Short Supply

> If you want an indication of how disappointing last season was-oh go on, you know you do!-then the Non League Paper is currently in the process of offering it. It’s the bible of the non-league game: if anyone’s entitled to draw conclusions from the Conference season it’s them. Today’s issue takes us half way through a series which runs through the outstanding performers of … Continue reading >Quality in Short Supply

>Fair Play to Fairhurst

> All credit to Nathan Fairhurst-he’s shown an attitude you don’t seem to find too often in the modern game. We tend to see players putting their short term advancement first these days-hell, Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t cope with losing thirty minutes of me-time against Manchester City last Sunday, could he? So to see Nathan Fairhurst reject a contract with Preston in order to get first … Continue reading >Fair Play to Fairhurst

>Decline and Fall

>Our current slide is a bit worrying, isn’t it? Going into a tailspin doesn’t have to have disastrous consequences as long as you pull out of it quickly, but that’s something we’ve signally failed to do. Our aspirations have changed dramatically from being a hot tip to get into the play-offs to something approaching outside bets: I think that’s how you’d describe a side who … Continue reading >Decline and Fall

>Never Mind The Bollands

>Phil Bolland’s return to The Racecourse was anticipated by many of us with a great deal of curiosity, but like many things you look forward to, it didn’t turn out as one might have expected. Bolland was a steady presence in Brian Little’s doomed side last season; indeed, he was one of the few players Little signed who could be judged a success. Thus Little’s … Continue reading >Never Mind The Bollands