How Wrexham Took Over The World

So what was the highlight of 2013? I know the answer’s obvious so I feel terribly disloyal in admitting this: for me it was run close by the day we were robbed! CheeseGate took the club on a journey which ended with us making a bit of cash and beating some of the biggest clubs in England! It was a remarkable moment at Kidderminster which … Continue reading How Wrexham Took Over The World

In The Soup

Yes, it’s the obligatory Aggborough Soup blog. It had to happen, so I might as well get it over with. It feels a bit strange to see the arguments raging between Wrexham and Kidderminster fans on the internet, and consider the raw atmosphere which will greet us tomorrow, as Harriers are one of the best clubs you could possibly to visit. It’s also been the … Continue reading In The Soup

Wrexham 3 Gainsborough Trinity 1 – Tactical Report

This was a fascinating match tactically (hence my urge to do a tactical report!) as Gainsborough caused problems by asking a question Wrexham haven’t had to answer for a long time: what do you do against a midfield diamond? Trinity manager Steve Housham’s inital intention wasn’t to play that way though. However, his starting formation, a 4-3-3, malfunctioned badly as Wrexham overwhelmed his side in … Continue reading Wrexham 3 Gainsborough Trinity 1 – Tactical Report