Something Special For Contrived, Extended Metaphor Fans

As we face Maidenhead today, which is the constituency of Theresa May, it seems appropriate to discuss the issue which is dominating all our lives. Wrexit. Wrexham have been in the National League for a long time now, and it now feels like our natural place. Some have enjoyed the fresh fields of the National League, the exotic new locations we’ve visited and tantalisingly different … Continue reading Something Special For Contrived, Extended Metaphor Fans

Wrexham 0 Kidderminster Harriers 0

I was spitting feathers for the last quarter of an hour of this match, and a good while afterwards, which isn’t like me. That’s the thing about miscarriages of justice: they wind folk up. Andy Bishop’s second red card against Kidderminster this season was similar in some ways to what happened at Aggborough, as he was wound up once more by a very provocative Harriers … Continue reading Wrexham 0 Kidderminster Harriers 0

In The Soup

Yes, it’s the obligatory Aggborough Soup blog. It had to happen, so I might as well get it over with. It feels a bit strange to see the arguments raging between Wrexham and Kidderminster fans on the internet, and consider the raw atmosphere which will greet us tomorrow, as Harriers are one of the best clubs you could possibly to visit. It’s also been the … Continue reading In The Soup