The Drunken History of Wrexham AFC

Commentating for the club, and essentially being your own boss, is liberating. It was very different when I covered Wrexham’s games for Marcher Sound in the 1990s! You get nothing for free, of course, and a regular issue at the station was whether they’d be able to get the funding to cover the matches. There was a sliding scale of payments which applied to all … Continue reading The Drunken History of Wrexham AFC

The Inevitable Ward-Messi Comparison

Last weekend we saw Leo Messi score a cheeky winner for Barcelona at Atletico Madrid, craftily getting the go-ahead from the ref and curling the ball sublimely into the far side of the net as the keeper, Thibaut Courtois, stood on his near post, organising his wall. It was a goal which closed the circle of my weekend’s experiences, as before the Stockport match I’d … Continue reading The Inevitable Ward-Messi Comparison

We Should All Be Wombles

How wonderfully serendipitous that, when Wrexham FC stands at the crossroads. we should find ourselves going to AFC Wimbledon! As Stephanie Booth makes encouraging noises about a community-led venture, we were offered a wonderful glimpse at how well such a venture can turn out. First and foremost, AFC Wimbledon are tenants. But, unlike the norm in that situation, they appear from this distance to be … Continue reading We Should All Be Wombles

>Thanks Mister Blair

>I can’t believe that, through an airy word in Prime Minister’s Question Time, AFC Wimbledon’s punishment for fielding an ineligible player for a good chunk of the season has been reduced to almost nothing. More pressingly, I don’t like the possible ramifications on the Accrington case. Blair said the rules should be reviewed as the punishment seemed harsh. Why the hell didn’t he say that … Continue reading >Thanks Mister Blair