4-3-3 Offers More Threat

Did you enjoy Mike Fondop’s rather clever overhead kick? Rob Lainton’s penalty save? Well, my favourite moment of the Dover game came in the eleventh minute. There’s some nice build-up play which ends with Kevin Roberts slinging a good cross to the far post, which the centre back Max Schmoll has to head behind for a corner. What I liked about it wasn’t the fluency … Continue reading 4-3-3 Offers More Threat

How A Month of Progress Allowed Wrexham To Beat Torquay

The semi-final victory over Torquay might feel like the key point in our season, but if you really want to see where things turned round, have a look at the goalless draw we played out with The Gulls a month ago. Since that match, everything has changed for the better. That was a moribund match. We played with a stodgy midfield diamond which made us … Continue reading How A Month of Progress Allowed Wrexham To Beat Torquay

Flynn’s blueprint shows why Wrexham’s 4-4-2 doesn’t work

I suggested yesterday that 4-4-2 wasn’t working for Wrexham. To illustrate the point, let’s have a look at how a 4-4-2 can function effectively and consider why it’s not happening for us. Brian Flynn’s promotion team of 1992-3 was a straight 4-4-2 side and it illustrated the balance required to make the system work. Comparing it to our current side suggests to me that we … Continue reading Flynn’s blueprint shows why Wrexham’s 4-4-2 doesn’t work

4-4-2 Isn’t Working For Wrexham FC

I planned to write this about three weeks ago but lost my nerve. To be fair, my moment of weakness was based on hard evidence: I saw something which made me genuinely think I was wrong. Having gathered further proof, though, I’ve come to the conclusion that I was right all along. 4-4-2 doesn’t work for the current Wrexham squad and the 4-3-3 Andy Morrell … Continue reading 4-4-2 Isn’t Working For Wrexham FC

Morrell Upgrades Saunders’ 4-3-3

The Hereford game was interesting on a tactical level. It showed an important progression over the course of Andy Morrell’s time as manager. The general shape of the game showed a tactical progression we’ve made under Morrell. While he’s maintained the 4-3-3 we established under Dean Saunders, an issue we used to have under his predecessor doesn’t tend to be as pronounced. Morrell was wise … Continue reading Morrell Upgrades Saunders’ 4-3-3