The Best Part of the Coventry Win? The Following Tuesday.

Saturday’s victory at Coventry was a massive, historic achievement, and felt like the first great moment under Rob and Ryan’s ownership. So let’s focus on last Tuesday. I had an awful sense of foreboding before the Bromley match, and that was unusual. This season I’ve been genuinely confident going into games, despite my natural inclination towards the cautious. There’s a simple logic to our success: … Continue reading The Best Part of the Coventry Win? The Following Tuesday.

What The World Cup Learned From Wrexham

Well, the World Cup is over. The players have returned to their clubs. The national managers are going back into hibernation, or down to the job centre. And Dion Dublin will have to go back to “Homes Under The Hammer “. Of course, for Wrexham things don’t change. We’ve been carrying on all through the tournament, weather permitting. Messi is definitely the Goat, while Elliot … Continue reading What The World Cup Learned From Wrexham

Just Pop Over When It Suits You

What an odd experience last Wednesday was! A freezing cold Racecourse (there’s nothing odd about that, as anyone planning to watch a home game in December will attest!), and opponents who didn’t turn up. I don’t mean they didn’t turn up like Torquay United, who were there in body but offered no resistance in the course of a 6-0 battering. Scunthorpe actually weren’t there!  It … Continue reading Just Pop Over When It Suits You

Cannon Adds to Wrexham’s Class

Last week we took advantage of the dispensation granted to us in the Summer, allowing us to sign players outside the transfer window. And what a statement signing it was! Andy Cannon’s loan spell at Stockport last season was an important part of their success in the title battle, and The Hatters wanted to make the move permanent. Now he’s with us, and bringing a … Continue reading Cannon Adds to Wrexham’s Class

Parkinson and Southgate Show Caution Pays

Before the World Cup started, England manager Gareth Southgate was under severe pressure, as all England managers are prior to a tournament. A strong performance against Iran has quietened the noise around him, but it’s not a free-flowing win that makes them contenders for the trophy. As Phil Parkinson’s Wrexham are currently showing, flamboyance is great, but it’s solidity which brings rewards. Our remarkable home … Continue reading Parkinson and Southgate Show Caution Pays

World Cup? Meh. Give Me More Wrexham.

How odd to find we’re a handful of days away from a World Cup, and yet I’m really not terribly excited. Even more so, despite this being the first World Cup Wales have reached in 64 years, I’m struggling to work myself up for it. A major reason for my apathy is something I’m really rather pleased about. Wrexham are far more interesting than the … Continue reading World Cup? Meh. Give Me More Wrexham.

Was This Parky’s Best Win?

Was last Tuesday the best performance Wrexham have managed under Phil Parkinson? Quite possibly: this was a sumptuous display which laid bare exactly what the manager has been looking to achieve with this squad. I’m bemused by claims that Parkinson is too defensive, an accusation levelled at the manager by a disgruntled minority as recently as our last home game. We scored three goals in … Continue reading Was This Parky’s Best Win?

Review: “Welcome to Wrexham”

“Welcome to Wrexham” was always going to be a game-changer. As I explained last week, that was always the intention: the exposure we receive should help us to expand exponentially as new fans are attracted to the club. After the US premiere of the show, the football club gained 6,000 followers on Twitter overnight. We still have top billing on the various streaming services which … Continue reading Review: “Welcome to Wrexham”

Welcome to Wrexham: The Club With a Unique Plan

We’ve had so many remarkable things happen to us over the last couple of years, but even in the midst of stiff competition, the launch of a documentary by Disney about us is an occasion of note. It’s no coincidence that we’ve been launched stateside though: it’s all part of the owners’ carefully-conceived plan to take us on an incredible journey. The most common point … Continue reading Welcome to Wrexham: The Club With a Unique Plan