Mike Fondop: The Incomplete Bomber

In Italy they call they have a phrase for it. Il Bomber. No matter what else you do, you need a Bomber to achieve your objective. Powerful, destructive, decisive, he’s the striker that delivers the end product, the goals to confirm your strategy. It’s the thing Wrexham lacked last season. Which brings me to the man Sam Ricketts brought in to be our Bomber. When … Continue reading Mike Fondop: The Incomplete Bomber

The Unsolved Case of Nicky Deverdics

The departure of Nicky Deverdics this week came as no surprise to anybody, However, there’s a nagging doubt in the back of my mind that his time at The Racecourse could have panned out very differently. When Dean Keates brought him in, there was a sense of excitement. That process of injecting creativity into a side built around a strong defence had apparently found its … Continue reading The Unsolved Case of Nicky Deverdics

Continuity and Common Sense in Wrexham’s Retained List

Ultimately there were few surprises in Wrexham’s retained list, and that’s how it should be. There was no need to rip the squad up and start again, even though there was a frustrated sense that we needed to do something to force some creativity into a stolid side. After all, we finished just five points off top, and a point short of being a home … Continue reading Continuity and Common Sense in Wrexham’s Retained List

#WxmAnorak Season Review | Manager Records

First time in Wrexham’s history that there have been three permanent managers in one season. Bryan Hughes is Wexham’s 32nd permanent manager. Graham Barrow was manager of Wrexham for the shortest time (64 days). Sam Ricketts was manager of Wrexahm for the third shortest time (108 days). Sam Ricketts achieved 4th highest number of points from 1st ten league games by a Wrexham manager.  Bryan … Continue reading #WxmAnorak Season Review | Manager Records

#WxmAnorak Season Review | Player Records

Rob Lainton has the best goals conceded per game record of any Wrexham goalkeeper, and the least games per clean sheet, in the club’s history.   20 players made their Wrexham debuts: Robert Lainton, Jake Lawlor, Kieran Kennedy, Brad Walker, Kemy Agustien, Scott Burgess, Luke Summerfield, Luke Young, Ben Tollitt, Jermaine McGlashan, Jordan Maguire-Drew, Bobby Grant, Jason Oswell, Cole Stockton, Anthony Spyrou, Mike Fondop. Rekeil Pyke, Stuart Beavon, Matty Sargent, Jack Thorn 2 players … Continue reading #WxmAnorak Season Review | Player Records

#WxmAnorak Season Review | Team Records

Final League Position Came 4th, our highest league position since finishing 2nd in 2011-12 and equalling our second highest finish in the National League. Final Points Total Equal second highest points total in club’s history if not adjusted for three points for a win. Equal third highest points total in club’s history if adjusted for three points for a win. Defensive records Equalled the club … Continue reading #WxmAnorak Season Review | Team Records

Congratulations Luke Young

Luke Young is the 2018-19 winner of the Steve Edwards Goal of the Season Trophy. His thunderbolt strike at Dagenham and Redbridge topped the poll, ahead of Ben Tollitt’s debut strike against Salford and Rekeil Pyke’s most extravagant backheel! Luke Young v Dagenham    44% Ben Tollitt v Havant             25% Rekeil Pyke v Ebbsleet         11% Brad Walker … Continue reading Congratulations Luke Young