The True Voice of The Racecourse

It’s ironic that, in a week when fans’ attention has been on a series of rather unsavoury characters in connection to the ownership of the club, one of the most decent men ever connected to Wrexham FC has died. Des Jones wasn’t just a PA annnouncer, but what a PA announcer he was! His distinctive voice was a key part of the Racecourse experience for … Continue reading The True Voice of The Racecourse

Tactically Speaking

So Wrexham, in rare form, are facing up to a side which has looked too good for the division ever since the season began. Neither side concede many goals-Crawley have kept five clean sheets in a row-so don’t expect too much in terms of kitchen sink-throwing, at least until one of the sides finds itself behind with twenty minutes left. My suspicion that we’ll be … Continue reading Tactically Speaking

What Price Free Speech?

So no banners are allowed in on Tuesday unless they toe the party line? Which is, of course, sensible advice: it would have been hard to concentrate on the important matters on Tuesday, as the ground was bound to be swathed with anti-Saunders banners. After all, there is a groundswell of fury against the manager, who has disgusted the fans by infuriatingly leading them to … Continue reading What Price Free Speech?

Following York’s Disturbing Example

The names on the bricks are still there, stretching down the Mold Road. Sadly, while fans cling to the notion that their club is part of the local community, and a fitting repository for family memories, the sad truth is that the current generation of club owners just don’t see it that way. We aren’t the first set of fans to fear for the future, … Continue reading Following York’s Disturbing Example

Everything’s Going Egg-Shaped

> I’m not going to go into the details of what’s going on at The Racecourse at the moment: the previous links on this blog do that perfectly well. What I can do is express horror at the thought that a parasitic rugby league franchise dumped onto our club, dangerously entwined with ours and deposited into our ground, could now drag us under. I recall … Continue reading Everything’s Going Egg-Shaped