Wrexham’s 2011 in Statistical Context

So, farewell to 2011. The off-pitch trauma might make it feel like a year we’re glad to see the back of, despite the hope offered by the WST’s eventual takeover, but ironically the contrast on the pitch couldn’t be greater. No matter which way you cut it, in terms of results 2011 was one of the club’s greatest. There’s no better place to start than … Continue reading Wrexham’s 2011 in Statistical Context

The Waiting Game

The agonising wait continues; who knew a rubber stamp could be so difficult to operate? There’s frustration on Red Passion and it’s building into fury. The target this time is the F.A., and I totally understand it. After all, other takeovers seem to be waved through with gay abandon, the number of basket case clubs testimony to the fact that the Fit and Proper Person … Continue reading The Waiting Game

Under-Cooked But Ready For Action!

The opening day’s always exciting, of course, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt more thrilled about it than today! Added to that thrill of the unknown as you enter a campaign full of optimism, there’s the relief of actually having a team to watch! Watching Sky Sports News over my toast this morning, it was odd to feel so pleased to see our fixture … Continue reading Under-Cooked But Ready For Action!

Learning from the Pirate Club

I’ve already said I’d like to see Wrexham run by the fans. I’m not saying I’d exclude the experience and knowledge that a well-intentioned businessperson could bring to the party but they’d have to be willing to work with the WST and accept that, ultimately, the club belongs to the fans and is run for their benefit. I’ve also already offered up AFC Wimbledon as … Continue reading Learning from the Pirate Club

Trust The Trust

There’s not much point in writing this. By the time I’m half way through another fifteen consortia will no doubt have been announced as being in control of the day-to-day running the club, having preferred bidder status, or being about to lower the price of Yorkies in the snack bars. It’d be a joke if it wasn’t so crushingly unfunny. The least amusing part of … Continue reading Trust The Trust

We Should All Be Wombles

How wonderfully serendipitous that, when Wrexham FC stands at the crossroads. we should find ourselves going to AFC Wimbledon! As Stephanie Booth makes encouraging noises about a community-led venture, we were offered a wonderful glimpse at how well such a venture can turn out. First and foremost, AFC Wimbledon are tenants. But, unlike the norm in that situation, they appear from this distance to be … Continue reading We Should All Be Wombles