>Huddle leads to toil and trouble

>Could a clue to Grays’ defeat lie in their inability to assimilate new signing Fola Onibuje? He certainly didn’t seem to be welcome in their huddle! You’d think if any club was used to making new players welcome it’s be Grays!! Continue reading >Huddle leads to toil and trouble


>Watching Sgorio’s Welsh Cup highlights this weekend was quite a ride, with ex-Wrexham players certainly claiming centre stage! The main game-and what a game!-was the Neath-Llanelli derby. For Neath, Anthony Williams was between the sticks and was rather static for the opening goal, while Llewellyn missed a penalty and picked up a yellow for a rather vindictive, needless hack. No surprises so far! To be … Continue reading >WELSH CUP MAYHEM!!! MAYHEM!!!! MAYHEM!!!!!

>The Dark Arts at Crawley

> Steve Evans completes a three-match ban today from even being in the ground while Crawley play! He still has a further ten game touchline ban to come. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fellow! No doubt it won’t affect Crawley too much. After all, it has seemed of late that he’s passed the abuse baton to his assistant Paul Raynor, who now patrols the … Continue reading >The Dark Arts at Crawley