Saunders The Swan?

>Ah, being Welsh. A double-edged sword, don’t you think? The whole big fish in a small pond thing is a powerful dynamic, and coming from a small country will merely accentuate that. Dean Saunders could be a beneficiary of this mindset, as his celebrity status is enhanced by his nationality. By mere fact of our shared nationality with Swansea and Cardiff, two cities which, let’s … Continue reading Saunders The Swan?

Saunders to Hereford?

>This one has flown under the radar, hasn’t it? Saunders on his way to Hereford? Unlikely, but it’s out there, so let’s investigate! My immediate reaction’s that the story’s unlikely. What, after all, has Saunders done to attract a Football League club? However, should he turn us around and turn us into a side capable of challenging for promotion he could become an attractive proposition; … Continue reading Saunders to Hereford?

>The North-South Divide

> There are sea changes afoot in the Blue Square Premier which are not only important in terms of the quality of our opponents next season, but will certainly make a difference to travelling fans’ pockets. A gradual geographic shift has accelerated this year, and the division looks more northern than ever. Of the six sides which have left the division only one is northern, … Continue reading >The North-South Divide

>The curse of the player of the season trophy!

>Beware the curse of the player of the season trophy! It seems to be something of a poisoned chalice of late. Andy Fleming picks up the bauble before the Rushden game, then goes home because he’s not hanging around! Likewise, Marc Williams won it last season and hasn’t scored since, his most notable achievement since the award being a serious injury! And the season before … Continue reading >The curse of the player of the season trophy!

>Conference Board hold your heads in shame…….

> So we now have the situation in late February that to everyone with a nose on their face was inevitable in July/August with Chester City suspended from the league awaiting the final cut. The Conference members now have to vote to confirm the expulsion of our oldest and nearest rivals. The problem is by now Chester have played 25 odd games won a few, … Continue reading >Conference Board hold your heads in shame…….

No Replays Thank You!

>The World and its wife wants france to replay their game with Ireland-even Thierry Henry (clearly under advice from his PR team!) agrees! Well, before jumping on the bandwagon, look at this: That was from earlier in this campaign, when the Irish were losing with twenty minutes left to Georgia, but were given a lifeline by that imaginary penalty and went on to win 2-1. … Continue reading No Replays Thank You!

Video Killed the Altrincham Star

> I bemoaned last week that football can’t be a level playing field at all levels, but something I’ve heard about subsequently has made me think again. Altrincham player James Smith has been banned for three games by the F.A. for using his elbow on Mansfield’s Jake Speight in an off-the-ball incident. None of the officials saw the incident so how, I hear you ask, … Continue reading Video Killed the Altrincham Star