Derbyshire’s Greek Odyssey

> I wrote earlier this year of Matt Derbyshire’s move to Olympiakos, and how wonderfully has it turned out! And how striking, as he plays a key role in the outcome of the domestic season in a country which, until last year, were European champions, to ponder the enormous divergence in our paths since he left The Racecourse! Have a look at his decisive intervention … Continue reading Derbyshire’s Greek Odyssey

>Retained List Watch

>Under contract:Kyle CritchellCarl TremarcoDarran KempsonTom KearneySimon BrownNat BrownSilvio SpannMichael ProctorSam WilliamsonSteve AbbottChris MaxwellObi AnoruoNeil TaylorAndy FlemingMarc WilliamsKai Edwards Out of contract:Shaun WhalleyLevi MackinAurelien CollinAshley WestwoodJohn CurtisWes BaynesOffered contract:Mike WilliamsMatt JansenMansour AssoumaniJamie McCluskey Released:Gavin WardAnthony WilliamsSimon SpenderChris MarriottChristian GyanJeff Louis Limbo:Sam AistonPatrick Suffo New SigningsNone Continue reading >Retained List Watch

>Maxwell’s Youth Doomed The Oldie Goalies

> Could it be that Chris Maxwell’s age is what cost one of our other keepers their jobs? Gavin Ward and Anthony Williams are two experienced goalies who fit the bill as able back-ups but have shown this season that they’re not the men to rely if you want to make a promotion push. And that’s the problem. Chris Maxwell also made a point at … Continue reading >Maxwell’s Youth Doomed The Oldie Goalies

>Premature Taxi For Spender

>It’s hard not to feel sorry for released players, so this time of year is particularly taxing for a soft-hearted soul like me. I’ve got a particular sympathy for Simon Spender though, whose long time at The Racecourse has been ended. I can’t help feeling that in this case the baby might have been thrown out with the bathwater. Dean Saunders had to undertake a … Continue reading >Premature Taxi For Spender

>It’s Not A Dead Match After All!

> Hold on a second…we thought Weymouth were coming to The Racecourse with nothing to play for, but it turns out they might stay up after all! According to their new chairman Ian Ridley, there’s talk that a team which has survived the battle against the drop might want to take a voluntary demotion, meaning the side in fourth bottom will stay up, so a … Continue reading >It’s Not A Dead Match After All!

>Marc’s Loss Was Felt Before His Injury

>While I happily go along with the orthodox think that the loss of Marc Williams has the greatest impact on our season collapsing, I feel his injury wasn’t the point where everything fell apart. I’d trace the source of our problems to slightly before he was ruled out for the season. The Valentine’s Day game against Grays was a huge turning point as it marked … Continue reading >Marc’s Loss Was Felt Before His Injury