>May Massacre

> http://www.red-passion.com/news08/news0605c.htm I just hope Little knows what he’s doing. Tearing up the squad is the right way to go, and to be fair most of the released players can have few complaints. But Neil Roberts? Danny Williams? Phil Bolland? Little says some of the released players might be asked to come back if they don’t fix somethig up elsewhere, but he doesn’t want to … Continue reading >May Massacre

>Special Dragon Talk Podcast From The Relegation Party

>There’s a special edition of Dragon Talk up at http://www.wrexhamfan.co.uk/ to commemorate our farewell to the Football League at Lincoln, looking to the future and enjoying the extraordinary relegation party. It features interviews with Carl Tremarco, Levi Mackin, Geraint Parry, Bananaman, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, a cow and a bloke in a tutu. Also, there’s a chance to relish the magic of Wes! Continue reading >Special Dragon Talk Podcast From The Relegation Party

>The Cull Begins

> So the first tranche of players released has been announced, and although there are some sensible decisions (and one which is a blessed relief!) I’m still left with a basic concenr about whether Brian Little’s decision-making is what it should be. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think Michael Proctor is God’s gift to football. However, he was the only player last season who … Continue reading >The Cull Begins