>Two days to go! There are too many scary thoughts running round in my head, but the bottom line remains that Macclesfield and Boston would both gladly swap positions with us-and squads for that matter! Still, there's naturally a lot of fear out there! Plenty of fans I know don't want to talk about the game, and one particularly staunch die'hard I know says he … Continue reading

>Well they played the welsh anthem in the ground as i arrived-very welcoming! I'm worried about the fact that bury won here last week-they'll have been slaughtered by Richard Money and be determined not to let a team from the bottom of the table do that again. I feel it could feel very similar to last Tuesday-the big away support might have to buoy us … Continue reading


>That was heart-stopping! Thank goodness Neil Roberts could hit the net, as it looked like nobody was going to be able to beat that Torquay keeper! You have to judge decisions by results, so it turns out that Brian Carey pulled off a coup with the substitution. Like just about everyone else I was astounded by his decision to put Roberts on for Michael Proctor, … Continue reading >Phew!