Hats Off To Harris

I’m sure you might just have noticed that things are changing a bit at The Racecourse! It certainly felt like a major moment of transition when Spencer Harris announced that he would be stepping down from his responsibilities at the club and the trust. I chose the word “responsibilities” carefully, because it’s the appropriate way to describe how a key person at a football club … Continue reading Hats Off To Harris

Hypothecated taxes and their influence on European non-governmental alternatively structured entities (ASE’s)

This is a critical look at ‘Build the Budget’. I don’t want anybody to read it in case they’re deterred from making a contribution. Hopefully the article’s  title has switched most people off. It looks like a straightforwardly positive scheme, but I’ve got concerns. Why do we vote in General Elections? We vote to choose a Government to run the United Kingdom. They have greater … Continue reading Hypothecated taxes and their influence on European non-governmental alternatively structured entities (ASE’s)

An Open Letter to Wrexham County Borough Council

This letter was published on February 15th 2017 in The Leader I’d always assumed that people run for public office because they are driven by a desire to protect what is precious about their community. Your actions over the last few years have made me doubt that assumption. I hope you will prove me wrong in the coming months by pursuing a resolution to the … Continue reading An Open Letter to Wrexham County Borough Council

Ignorance is Bliss on BT Sport

Last Tuesday was an historic night for the club as we took up a 99 year lease on The Racecourse, but one of the biggest rounds of applause in a packed Catrin Finch Theatre had nothing to do with the ownership of the ground. Instead it was a reaction to an attack on our model of fan-ownership, carried out on national television at our own … Continue reading Ignorance is Bliss on BT Sport

Trust and Confidence

The ‘mutual duty of trust and confidence’ is an Employment Law concept that every employee should be aware of. If your employer treats you badly your ‘trust and confidence’ in them is damaged. If they treat you really badly or do a series of unpleasant things you can leave and may have a claim for constructive dismissal. Wrexham Football Club are holding their AGM on … Continue reading Trust and Confidence

A Compromising Position

Let’s go back in time to Monday 24th February 2014: “Following discussions between the Board and Andy it was mutually agreed to allow him to leave to pursue other opportunities, leaving Wrexham FC to plan for the future… Andy Morrell commented: “I feel it is in the best interests of both Wrexham FC and me to make a change now, so that we can all … Continue reading A Compromising Position

Role Reversal

Meredith Belbin is an academic who has researched teamwork and produced a widely recognised model describing how people behave in teams. The model helps in understanding what is needed for a team to work. Our football team isn’t working well, what are the reasons? Are our backroom team working well? Is that affecting team performance? Can Belbin’s model tell us anything? I went to the … Continue reading Role Reversal

Show Some Backbone

Things have come to a head. Opinions are hardening, and theories about our failure abound. So whose got the backbone for the fight? Do you think your views are in the majority? Great, then have the courage of your convictions and act, but beware, the rules have changed. Wrexham, and all other clubs, go through periods of failure. It’s not worth defending the current on-field … Continue reading Show Some Backbone

How to ‘Bubble’ the ‘Risk’ Element

The Wrexham Leader this week had an article on our next Chester game being a ‘bubble’ match. The issue is simple; the police believe that the fans of the two sides cannot be trusted to behave lawfully. I have thought long and hard about how to escape from the bubble. My conclusion is that the escape route is a long, hard road. Two seasons ago … Continue reading How to ‘Bubble’ the ‘Risk’ Element

Casual sexism creeping in at The Racecourse; should we be surprised?

Originally posted on The Joe Clarke Project:
I have played and watched football my entire life, but it’s something of a lose-lose situation when you’re a women. You’re either having to defend your femininity to the archetypal “lads lad” (are they threatened when a girl plays better than them?); or you’re having to defend your love of the game to those very same lads (because… Continue reading Casual sexism creeping in at The Racecourse; should we be surprised?