Financial Unfair Play’s Why Fleetwood Leave Us Cold

So why do we all resent Fleetwood so much? Because, let’s be honest: we really really do! Want proof? Have a look at Red Passion, where the forums are full of annoyance at the Cod Squad (Army seems too large a unit by far!); the always entertaining Friday column by Andy Gilpin also articulated the depth of feeling amongst supporters; and if we’re to judge … Continue reading Financial Unfair Play’s Why Fleetwood Leave Us Cold

Rangers Could Have Done With Red Passion

The fiasco at Rangers offers an interesting insight into just how lucky Wrexham are to have such a set of fans. They were fined £50,000 for not divulging to PLUS stock exchange that their previous owner, Crag Whyte, had been disqualified as a company director for seven years. The offence was seen as particularly serious one cause they did not notify the Takeover Panel or … Continue reading Rangers Could Have Done With Red Passion

The Brotherhood of Fans

I was proud to be a Wrexham fan on Wednesday, and that pride cushioned the blow of defeat considerably. But I’m already more proud today. Today Wrexham’s fans, despite the fact that our season has been overshadowed by an over-arching concern about our cashflow, and we’ve had to dig into our pockets to keep the club going, will collect for our opponents Kettering in a … Continue reading The Brotherhood of Fans

Learning from the Pirate Club

I’ve already said I’d like to see Wrexham run by the fans. I’m not saying I’d exclude the experience and knowledge that a well-intentioned businessperson could bring to the party but they’d have to be willing to work with the WST and accept that, ultimately, the club belongs to the fans and is run for their benefit. I’ve also already offered up AFC Wimbledon as … Continue reading Learning from the Pirate Club

We Should All Be Wombles

How wonderfully serendipitous that, when Wrexham FC stands at the crossroads. we should find ourselves going to AFC Wimbledon! As Stephanie Booth makes encouraging noises about a community-led venture, we were offered a wonderful glimpse at how well such a venture can turn out. First and foremost, AFC Wimbledon are tenants. But, unlike the norm in that situation, they appear from this distance to be … Continue reading We Should All Be Wombles