Wrexham FC’s Journey 2011 – 2012

As I’ve gone through the last few days after the Wrexham vs Luton match, I have found myself trying to put the whole story of the season into context.

I dug out the newspapers that for some reason I had been accumulating through the last 12 months and tried to do something constructive with them alongside photo’s I have seen or taken through the year.

I hope anyone that watches it, enjoys it.

The Sound of (Wrexham FC) Music

The drive from my house to the Racecourse takes about 45 minutes.  By train, allowing for the change at Chester, it’s basically the same length of the time. This journey, by car or rail, has started to develop its own ‘pre match ritual’ so to speak, in the form of my Wrexham FC Playlist.  The tracks have been added based on their relevance one way or another to my time supporting Wrexham.

I thought I would share some of the songs now featuring on the list and the background….

Yma O Hyd – Little surprise here, as it has been a theme of the Trust as they worked to purchase the club.

Perfect Day (the version recorded in 1997 for Children in Need). The reason for this being on there goes back to the Chester vs Wrexham FA Cup game in December 1997.  After the match, featuring an incredible goal by King Karl to take us to 2-0 up, we returned to the car. When we turned on the radio, this is the song that was playing! A Perfect Day.

Wrexham is the name – I just love this song. Even my 3 year old knows all the words now. I didn’t have a copy of this song until the summer when I got the CD from the Trust shop.

Rockin’ Robin – I like Wrex. But I loved that Robin. And his mountain bike.

Dragons on Fire – Don’t get me wrong, this song is not the greatest by any stretch. But it just had to be on there given it was a charity single by the club.

Indestructible – I have been unable to prove this yet, but I am convinced that we went through a phase of playing ‘Indestructible’ by the Four Tops before each game in the late 90’s.

Dakota –  I cannot hear this song without thinking of the LDV final. Another fantastic day (even allowing for the bloke next to us, who turned up having been drinking Stella the whole way down, picked a fight with everyone around us, and then slept through the match).

Any feedback about songs that should also be on there, gladly received……

Sponsoring Cheesey…


Once the trust became front runners to buy the club in the summer of 2011, I decided it was time to deepen my financial relationship with Wrexham FC by sponsoring a player.

With 3 others (one of which is my far wiser father), we decided that the man for us was midfield speedster Adrian Cieslewicz. Now in the spirit of transparency, I should say here that we only sponsor his Home shirt. His away shirt is sponsored by a Mr John Thompson of Doncaster.

I will go on record now as saying I think he is brilliant. (Chizz not Mr Thompson). Clearly he is incredibly fast and has got the potential to materially change a game when he comes off the bench, which is my preferred situation, with him coming on around the 60th minute to give the opposing defense a whole new problem to deal with. He’s got things to work on, as we all do, and I think has suffered a little from Obeng leaving who with his pace could overlap with Adrian and really cause havoc.

The Non League Paper picked him as one of their ’12 for 2012′ as well citing the way he ‘terrorises tiring defenders with his direct running late in games’.

The fact that we are in some way now tied to young Adrian, I find myself treating him like a distant family member. I find myself defending him to people I don’t know, cheering him louder than others and genuinely operating with a strange level of pride when he has a good game.

I’ve even asked ‘The Cheese’ to be my friend on Facebook. No response as yet. I assume he hasn’t got around to it. Although he did accept my sister’s friend request almost immediately when she asked him. Probably nothing in that though, he’s bound to accept mine soon.

Now it’s a lesser known fact that my second son was born during the Wrexham vs. Tamworth game this season. Actually during it. As I sat in the operating theatre holding him for the first time, I noticed that a nurse was on a computer in the corner (no, I hadn’t realised that they now have computers in operating theatres either). Anyway, as I sat there with my newborn son, I asked the nurse to look up the Wrexham score for me.

“You won mate. 3-0…………. An own goal, and goals from Tolley, and someone called…………….err……………….Chi-Ees-Zel-Wick-Ee”

“That’s Chizzy”, I said to the baby, “We sponsor him”.

Welcome to the family Adrian. Our family, but and also that of the Thompsons from Doncaster

The Remorse of The Gambler

Forgive me father. It has been 34 years and 5 months since my last confession. Being honest, I’ve never been to confession and I’m not catholic.
I am however crippled with guilt and shame of late, and believe I owe you all an apology.
You see the problem is that all of this recent business with Fleetwood winning all of their games is, I think, all my fault.
I’ve never been a great gambler and can say with confidence that an overall view of my wins and losses over the years would begin with a negative sign.
Mid Feb, I realised that I still had £5 in my betting account that had been there for a while.
In the build up to the Hayes and Yeading game I was trying to work what to bet on as the correct Wrexham score. However at the last minute I decided to lump the fiver on Fleetwood to beat Cambridge in order to sink the cod army with my traditional inability to pick a winner. Yes, that would teach them. Either way, I was going to be up on the deal. Finally winning.
They won. I quickly realised that I didn’t want the winnings as frankly it was tainted money.
I decided to back them again, this time bound to see them fail to win, and free me from the dirty money.
They won. On it went. Over and over again.
I am now well over £100 of money, that I resent. In part as I am now laden with the fear that this is all my fault. Are the betting gods finally trying to put me on a winning streak and that’s where all these Fleetwood penalties keep coming from?
Do I just stop and give it to the Trust? But if they win, couldn’t the Trust have had more? And maybe it’s the betting on the one where they actually drop points which allows me to exorcise these demons.
I’ve put it on them to beat Mansfield. I have never wanted a team to win more than I want my Stag brothers to win. (obvious exception of Wrexham).
Moral of the story : Never ever trust the idea of betting against your team or on a rival to win so you’re ‘happy either way’. It doesn’t work. I’m a mess of nerves and guilt.
Come on the Mansfield.

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