Lawn Mowers And A Lidl Car Park

This week of all weeks when moving away to university and leaving North Wales for the first time in all of my 18 years, probably wasn’t the best time to go on my first ‘proper’ away day. You see I have travelled away from the Racecourse for Wrexham games before, but I don’t count twice at Wembley, Chester or the Welsh Premier/Colwyn Bay pre-season fixtures. You … Continue reading Lawn Mowers And A Lidl Car Park

Chasing the Dream

It was on platform one of Carmarthen station at 8:01 am that I left to watch my last Wrexham game at the Racecourse for who knows when, the idea of going months without going is an inconceivable thought. A place I’ve based my life around for the last four years will suddenly be no more as the nearest I’ll have to the Racecourse will be Cheltenham … Continue reading Chasing the Dream

The goalkeeping merry-go-round

After a busy pre-season, with Kevin Wilkin and his staff preparing for the new season, there’s been one subject that has failed to go unresolved, the goalkeeper. Our initial thoughts before going into pre-season was that Joslain Mayebi and Andy Coughlin will battle it out for the number one shirt but since then Mayebi has failed to return to training, his contract expired and he is … Continue reading The goalkeeping merry-go-round

The Wrexham Keeper Conundrum

Looking ahead to the new 2014/2015 season, the players have returned to pre-season, new additions get to know their team mates whilst pre-season gives the chance for the new (well relatively new) manager and assistant to get a clear first eleven for our first game of the season, away to Dartford. But the first position to determine is undeniably the toughest: who will be the … Continue reading The Wrexham Keeper Conundrum

Looking back……but just the once- A look back at the 2013/2014 season

As strange as it seems, we won’t see any football from our beloved dragons at the Racecourse for another two months, but before we say goodbye why not pop into our little time machines and relive the 2013/2014 season….I know I don’t really want to either! This time last year we were gearing up for the play-offs as we beat Kidderminster Harriers to reach the … Continue reading Looking back……but just the once- A look back at the 2013/2014 season

Wrexham FC’s players reflect on Andy Morrell’s departure

When any manager leaves a club, the unfortunate job for some unlucky person, is to tell the players. This was the task of Wrexham chief executive Don Bircham this week, who let the reds squad know the situation on Monday morning. As soon as the news was broken to the team, they took to social media to thank player-manager Andy Morrell, here’s what they had … Continue reading Wrexham FC’s players reflect on Andy Morrell’s departure

The Forgotten Man

In a season where disappointing signings has been a key factors to a some what disappointing campaign, I take a look at a player who’s seemed to have faded out of the team, after having so much promise.  Theo Bailey-Jones joined Wrexham after a successful trial with the reds last term and some good performances with the reserves. The young ex-Manchester City trainee looked to … Continue reading The Forgotten Man