I can see clearly now that Blaine has gone

My clarity of thought has nothing to do with Hudson’s suspension ,but my flash of recognition coincided with it. I’ve realised what our best team is, and I understand what formation they should play. My conclusions have left me looking in the mirror, eating humble pie, and swallowing some pride.  Now I’m going to vomit the result right down the page. Firstly we need to … Continue reading I can see clearly now that Blaine has gone

This Is Good

We drew with an under strength Macclesfield. We made Wade Fairhurst, a striker rescued from a lower division, look like a world-beater, and our passing was nothing to write home about. So what’s good? I saw in this performance the makings of a well organised, well balanced, competitive team. Wilkin looks relaxed and cheery, I’m not surprised, he recognises when things are coming together nicely. … Continue reading This Is Good

One conclusion only (so far)

The start of the season has been mixed. Let’s be honest, we expect to be challenging for the title and some of the teams in our league have dramatically less resources than ourselves. Looking at our league position a detached observer might say we’ve made a steady start. No we haven’t, we’ve made an unsteady start to our attempt to challenge for the title. It’s … Continue reading One conclusion only (so far)

The Secret Diary of Congerford Redington-Smythe

“It is my intention to purchase a football in the course of the next week, and I shall expect a good many down the field next Saturday.” Edward Manners 1864. My Great Great Great Grandfather Congerford Redington-Smythe was a noted diarist of his time. From generation to generation my family passed down his precious diary, with its beautifully crafted leather binding and huge brass clasp. … Continue reading The Secret Diary of Congerford Redington-Smythe

The Ducks are Aligned

I’ve been to two events recently that have convinced me our club is going in the right direction. The first was the Trust AGM, and the second was the friendly against Swansea U21s. They were both enjoyable affairs, both leaving me with many questions left unanswered, but also a sense that the club is packed with talented, determined people. AGMs are clearly not a majority … Continue reading The Ducks are Aligned

They’re Altogether Ooky

Wrexham have been extremely fortunate that previous and prospective custodians of our club, have been people of exemplary character. They’re the sort of people you would exclaim to; ‘Yes!, I will buy that second-car with the weld mark round the middle from you, and while I’m at it, do you do Payment Protection Insurance?” Many clubs have not been as fortunate as us, and it … Continue reading They’re Altogether Ooky

The Contract, Still Intact

“The grabbing hands, grab all they can, all for themselves, after all it’s a competitive world” -Depeche Mode Contract Law has not been a friend of Wrexham FC in recent years, and I’m quaking in my boots after several previous significant setbacks.  I’m not made happier by news such as ‘Keates shakes hands on new deal’ or ‘player asks for more time to consider his options’. … Continue reading The Contract, Still Intact

What Do We Want…When Do We Want It?

Before home games I normally drop my Grandparents off at Cashconverters, which provides me with just enough money to get a seat behind the goal. It’s quite a cosy shop, or so my Grandparents tell me when I pick them up on payday. On the way to the ground it gives me a great thrill when Mark Griffiths (International Goalkeeper, etc ,etc , etc) waves … Continue reading What Do We Want…When Do We Want It?

I had a dream

Well the season has just ended and we’re feeling a mixture of sadness at failing in the playoffs again and contentment that we had a financially successful season. Andy Morrell can be pretty pleased with the season, but probably it’s a bit early for him to acknowledge this yet after the tragically unfortunate defeat to Cambridge in the  playoff semis. The season’s first pivotal moment … Continue reading I had a dream

Will you vote for the squirrel from the Wirral?

We’ve had several calls to vote for the ‘Player of the Season’ recently.  I’d say it isn’t a footballer who can claim to be the biggest  ‘player’ in Wrexham’s ongoing success as a community based football club. If these votes were broadened to cover  all contributors to the cause, who would get your vote? Here’s a few you need to consider. The Wrexhamfan website gets … Continue reading Will you vote for the squirrel from the Wirral?