A Compromising Position

Let’s go back in time to Monday 24th February 2014: “Following discussions between the Board and Andy it was mutually agreed to allow him to leave to pursue other opportunities, leaving Wrexham FC to plan for the future… Andy Morrell commented: “I feel it is in the best interests of both Wrexham FC and me to make a change now, so that we can all … Continue reading A Compromising Position

Role Reversal

Meredith Belbin is an academic who has researched teamwork and produced a widely recognised model describing how people behave in teams. The model helps in understanding what is needed for a team to work. Our football team isn’t working well, what are the reasons? Are our backroom team working well? Is that affecting team performance? Can Belbin’s model tell us anything? I went to the … Continue reading Role Reversal

Show Some Backbone

Things have come to a head. Opinions are hardening, and theories about our failure abound. So whose got the backbone for the fight? Do you think your views are in the majority? Great, then have the courage of your convictions and act, but beware, the rules have changed. Wrexham, and all other clubs, go through periods of failure. It’s not worth defending the current on-field … Continue reading Show Some Backbone

The Psychic Octopus II – This time it’s miffed!!

WARNING!! _ Do not watch the clip below. I mean it, it’s worse than the horror show that we shall henceforth obliquely refer to as ; “The thing that happened in January”.   As I write this Andy Morrell’s Tamworth have won eleven games in a row. He must be the greatest manager ever, the stats are staring us in the face. Tamworth have gone … Continue reading The Psychic Octopus II – This time it’s miffed!!

How to ‘Bubble’ the ‘Risk’ Element

The Wrexham Leader this week had an article on our next Chester game being a ‘bubble’ match. The issue is simple; the police believe that the fans of the two sides cannot be trusted to behave lawfully. I have thought long and hard about how to escape from the bubble. My conclusion is that the escape route is a long, hard road. Two seasons ago … Continue reading How to ‘Bubble’ the ‘Risk’ Element

A New Weapon in our Quest – Poetry!

Mark Griffiths (Wrexham’s New Eastern Europe Scout), made a mistake in the latest Gazzetta Dello Wrexham, of greater significance than Ed Miliband forgetting to mention the deficit. Watch his opening lines, and you will notice that a huge chunk of his opening gambit is missing. All that viewers get of an intended section of his speech is his superb poem on Wilkin’s intentions to sign … Continue reading A New Weapon in our Quest – Poetry!

A Mistake

I chewed through three plastic seats behind the goal on Saturday. I’m still simmering now, but I’m just about capable of typing without launching the computer out of the window. A mistake has been made, the consequence of which are ; trivially, my teeth marks on the clubs property; seriously, a defeat against Dartford; and gravely, a dent to all our hopes of promotion. Looking … Continue reading A Mistake

The FA Trophy is a Tacky Bauble

The FA Trophy cost us promotion two seasons ago, and this season it is in danger of seriously impeding our progress in the league. If we were to win the Trophy this year; our players would be exhausted, our coffers would have a measly temporary boost, and our chances of promotion severely dented. Bah humbug!! One of the best days of my life was the … Continue reading The FA Trophy is a Tacky Bauble

My Alternative Christmas List

We’ve got £300,000 to spend at Christmas, so what are we going to buy? That’s after we’ve got Manny Smith and Louis Moult on long term contracts and a 6ft 4inch rangy,  skilful,  hard tackling,  midfield wizard of course. Perhaps a pair of slippers each, so we can be cosy during our inexorable rise up the table to promotion. I’m wildly estimating receipts from playing … Continue reading My Alternative Christmas List

Wrexham’s fantastical compendium of festive fun failures

Wrexham’s merchandising is now a beautifully oiled machine. Why not take a look at the online shop or visit the real shops at the ground or Eagles Meadow. It hasn’t always been this good you know. See below a few of the products you probably never wanted, that thankfully got strangled at birth. Mickey Thomas Monopoly – (Mickey was so thrilled with this idea he agreed … Continue reading Wrexham’s fantastical compendium of festive fun failures

Good owners get to conclusion No. 3

After Saturdays game : Conclusion No.1 – The referee was a disgrace, why did I forget to take my baseball bat/sniper rifle/rocket launcher. I won’t make that mistake again. Conclusion No. 2 – Our rotten form continues. Whose fault is it? Whoever’s fault it is they need to be punished. It’s the talentless team, the clueless manager and/or the inept board. Yes! Punishments need doling … Continue reading Good owners get to conclusion No. 3