Old Fart is a no show at Wembley!

The old fart won’t be going to Wembley…again. I won’t be eating a curly-wurly either. I didn’t want it to be Newport County because I’ve got a soft spot for them, so much so that I have written a short play about them. It is a play about the Newport County side who travelled to Germany and played Carl Zeiss Jena under Len Ashurst. I wrote it as a dedication to an old friend of mine Robert Reed or Big Bob who passed away of a brain aneurysm. I will be devastated if Wrexham lose but I will be upset … Continue reading Old Fart is a no show at Wembley!

What’s that smell?

The wardrobe creaks open and out steps the mummified figure wrapped in red & white bandages of……the Old Fart. Where has he been these last three months when Wrexham F.C’s fortunes have swung like the pendulum of a grandfather clock? Trying to log back in to his WordPress Account! Silver Surfer (My’n uffarn i) Well you know you’re not going to get a blow by blow match analysis from this fellow. Hats off to the Boss (Mark Griffiths) for those. When you were all basking in the subterranean heat of Wembley Way, yours truly was in West Wales, at a secret … Continue reading What’s that smell?

Old Fart Down the Diff

I live not far from the Cardiff City stadium and have you noticed how changing to the Red Strip has improved their fortunes this year. Although having lived in its vicinity for almost a quarter of a century the antipathy I feel towards the Bluebirds is tangible. I went to Ninian Park once with a friend from North Wales and vowed I would never go again after having my earlug battered by a racist having a go at the black referee. It has always surprised me how a number of celebrity North Walians choose to follow the ‘so called’ Capital’s … Continue reading Old Fart Down the Diff

Return of the Old Fart!

Back by popular demand, the author of one blog post, the Old Fart returns to the Wrexham Supporters Blog. As an exile down South Wales for a quarter of a century I don’t go to many games but I did go to the Newport v Wrexham game last Friday. I spent the afternoon in Newport library having caught the bus from Cardiff then made my way via the scenic route of Stow Hill and the Transporter Bridge to Somerton Park. I had been to the Rugby Ground once before about twenty years ago to see a Rugby Match between Newport … Continue reading Return of the Old Fart!

The Way we Were!

I challenge any Wrexham fan not to think of their old man when listening to the old Gladys Knight number ‘The Way we Were’ and not to wipe a tear away, when thinking of the games you saw together standing on the terraces or sitting in the old Plas Coch stand. I arrive at the Wrexham Blog as a self proclaimed old fart! I look at the results from a distance and try and get to a couple of away games, as an exile down South. I’ve been to Swindon, Bournemouth, Bristol City, Northampton, Peterborough, Leyton Orient, Brentford, Brighton over … Continue reading The Way we Were!