DragonHeart45 | History Makers

Chay Long and Mark Griffiths savour an historic week, in which Wrexham AFC Women enjoyed their first ever game at The Racecourse, and fans finally were back in the ground for the first time since the pandemic.

We chat to Wrexham Women goalkeeper and Wrexham fan, Kat Jones, on the experience of playing at the oldest international stadium in the world. Here’s the link to Georgina Gittins’ superbly well-researched article on the history of women’s football at The Racecourse. https://wrexhamfan.wordpress.com/2021…

Also, a look back at the Spennymoor game, a review of our transfer requirements, or opening day change of plan and the Curzon Ashton match.

Plus, we build up to the DragonHeart Super League – the greatest fantasy league competition of all time. If you want to play along, use the link below and you’ll be added automatically after you’ve entered the game. https://fantasy.premierleague.com/lea… Or, use the code: wygjik

00:01:46 Opening day changes.

00:04:48 Review of Wrexham Women v Northop Hall

00;19;47 Interview with Kat Jones

00:39:28 Review of the Spennymoor game

00:50:33 Do we urgently need to make signings?

00:57:53 The Dragonheart Super League and Curzon Ashton.

As always, DragonHeart is available as both a podcast and a video.

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