DRAGONHEART44 | Goals Goals Goals

Chay Long and Mark Griffiths try to stay calm as they look back on two impressive wins and season ticket fever! They also pay tribute to James Jennings and introduce the DragonHeart 2021-2 Fantasy League.

Join at https://fantasy.premierleague.com/ using the code wygjik.

00:00:45 Tamworth review

00:13:09 Fleetwood review

00:22:19 Season Ticket Report

00:28:05 Season Ticket Discussion

00:37:41 James Jennings tribute

00:42:08 National League Jealousy (but the witty kind!)

00:44:11 Wrexham Women, Spennymoor and Panini unboxing!

As always, DragonHeart is available as both a podcast and a video.


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