Wrexham women footballers – at the Racecourse

A fascinating, superbly-researched piece. Most relevant as we move into a new era of women’s football at Wrexham AFC.

Wrexham Women's History

To celebrate the exciting future ahead for Wrexham AFC thanks to its two new owners, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, I want to ‘kick off’ my brand-new blog with the history of women footballers at the Racecourse. Welcome!

The history of men’s football at the Racecourse is well documented but you might not know anything about the women who played there. Until now ….

The first women’s match at the Racecourse was played in December 1917 by the women of Powell Brothers Munitions factory which employed 220 women and 36 men. Being next to Wrexham General Station, its workers would probably have known about the hospital trains arriving from France with up to 100 wounded soldiers at a time, bound for our two military hospitals. The women must have wanted to raise money for the Hospital Infirmary Fund, which appealed for help every week in the local press. As…

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