Keep Keates

The Wrexham Leader recently published an article where fans comments on how to improve the team were requested. The question was sidestepped and all the published comments called for the removal of the current management team.

Below are some statements you may not agree with, but are at least reasonable. They  may give you a view into my ‘alternative reality’. We’re all having to construct our own reality at the moment, until we can share one again.

1. Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are very rich men with creative minds. They fancy having some fun with sport and TV. Their available ‘play money’ is a whole lot more than that of all the Wrexham Supporters Trust members put together. They have no evil intentions (such as asset stripping) and it makes sense for Trust members to ‘loan’ The Club to them. Their main goal (to have fun) aligns perfectly with a Trust member who wants the greatest success possible for the Club.

2. The Boards of Wrexham Supporters Trust and Wrexham Football Club are part-time workers with full-time egos. They have leaked, miss-spoken, floundered, and basked in the limelight.  Economically they have done far better, and in footballing terms they have done no worse, than previous owners. With that continuing record they were more likely to bring success to The Club than failure.

3. We will shortly be a wealthy non-league club. We will hopefully become a well-off Second Division club and then a competitively-funded First Division club. Getting to the Championship is unlikely, but possible. No-one is going to keep watching the ‘Wrexham Show’ long enough to keep the inflated funding going for ever, but the ongoing support should keep us in the league until at 2164.

4. Dean Keates and his coaching team are poor. They are much worse than Jose Mourinho, Pepe Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp’s coaching teams. They don’t motivate the team to great heights,  they don’t coach them so every ounce of skill is on show, and our two tactical plans are ; pass badly sideways, or hoof to our ball-repellent strike-force.   They got us into a seriously competitive place before Keates left for Walsall, they kept us up last year, and now face the combined challenges of a new squad and a stop-start season. They can’t be judged as failures, they can fairly be judged as doing well enough to stick with.

I hope your reality and mine stay tolerably aligned through the New Year. If they do; we will be in the league again by 2022!!

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