I’d Better Get Back To Business!

Howdy folks! I’ve not posted anything on here for a while for a few reasons, which I’ll go through in a minute. However, I reckon it’s time to slap a few more posts up now! Let me explain:

I committed to doing some extra work for the club in the Summer, and as a result I’ve not been putting anything on here. However, now I’m in the swing of things, I’ll be able to start posting again. The way I see it, there’s three obvious types of post I’ll put up here:

My columns from the Evening Leader;
Posts featuring new podcasts (you know that’s my thing!);
General stuff that’s not appropriate for the club website – obviously, opinion pieces are not something that should be published on an official club website, so I might plonk them on here!

Regular stuff from this blog, like the previews and #WxmAnorak will go on the official site from now on, but I’ll post links on here to them, and to the long reads I periodically do on there.

Hope that’s going to be of interest to you all, and I’ll pop a post up in a moment to get the ball rolling.

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