PODCAST | The Lowdown on Rangers Colts

Here’s something a little different! A very generous tweet from Rangers fan Wilf Marshall about the Final Whistle podcast of Saturday’s game got me thinking: perhaps I ought to offer up a Wrexham fan’s perspective of their Colts, as for once we’ve played a massive club whose fans might be interested in how they re seen by an outsider.

So here it is: there’s a bit for Wrexham fans as I put the Colts’ performance in the context of the side we selected, and discuss some of the match-ups on the pitch, but it’s essentially a look at what impressions the Rangers lads gave.

Hope you enjoy it!

Download the Final Whistle podcast after each game to hear the most in-detail analysis of Wrexham’s games. It’s available from all the usual podcast sources, including Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher and Acast.

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