5 Questions Before Dover Athletic – Wrexham AFC

Can We Keep A Clean Sheet?

It’s been six games since we last kept a clean sheet, and we haven’t shut the opposition out in an away game since February. It wasn’t that we defended poorly in the latter stages of Tuesday’s game- quite the contrary, in fact. However, we’ve conceded three already this season, which is unlike us.

Can Devonte Redmond Build on Tuesday?

Tuesday night’s match at Borehamwood saw Devonte Redmond step things up from last Saturday and begin to show the qualities which make him central to Wrexham’s chances of success this season.

Having been injured in pre-season, he has been looking to regain his sharpness this month, but at Borehamwood we saw him begin to prompt and probe. He created Mark Harris’ goal with a driven cross and played with his head up, looking to find JJ Hooper’s runs behind the defence. There were early signs of how fruitful that partnership could be last Tuesday: now Redmond must look to continue working towards full effectiveness.

Bobby Grant celebrates his goal at Borehamwood by lifting four team mates above his head.

Can Grant Keep His Streak Going?

After scoring two in half a season for us last time round, Bobby Grant has doubled his total of Wrexham goals in the opening couple of matches. His career suggests he scores in bursts: the last time he scored in consecutive matches was two seasons ago: he scored in three games in a row, the second time he’d managed that this season. Can he build on his excellent start and embark on another scoring streak?

Is Mark Harris A Double-Figure Striker?

Mark Harris clearly has quality-have a look at the moment in the second half highlights at Borehamwood where he pulls the ball down with real skill. However, he’s still young and still learning, so we can’t expect consistency from him over the course of a season.

Still, he’s shown an exciting ability to strike the ball cleanly from outside the box, and his goal at Borehamwood illustrated that he can get into goal-poaching territory even when his starting position is on the flank.

You can’t expect too much of a young loaner, but if JJ Hooper can spark, and Harris and Grant each chip in with double figures, we’ll b a more enterprising proposition than we were last season.

How Are We Using Our Bench This Season?

It seemed odd that we only used one substitute on Tuesday as we looked to run the clock down. We had a defender on the bench in Chambers if we’d wanted to stiffen the back four up, and both Oswell and McIntosh showed they can hold the ball ip well and relieve pressure last Saturday. Was this a new approach, or an oversight?

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