RESULTS | Wrexham AFC’s National League XI

So who did you vote into Wrexham’s National League XI? You’ve had your say, and after over 1,500 votes, here is your decision.


  1. Chris Maxwell  48%
  2. Rob Lainton     42%
  3. Joslain Mayebi   4%

A two-horse race, but Chris Maxwell’s two successful seasons edged out last season’s player of the season. Considering the level of support Joslain Mayebi received when he was competing for the goalkeeper’s shirt, it’s surprising that he only got 4% of the votes.


  1. Curtis Obeng       70%
  2. Mark Carrington  28%

Another two-horse race, with 98% of the votes going to two men. Curtis Obeng was still the outright winner though.


  1. Neil Ashton       64%
  2. Neil Taylor         19%
  3. James Jennings 10%

Once again, a player from Andy Morrell’s 98-point side wins the poll, with Neil Ashton winning comfortably.



  1. Shaun Pearson         48%
  2. Nat Knight-Percival  17%
  3. Manny Smith           16%
  4. Mark Creighton       12%
  5. Curtis Tilt                   5%

Shaun Pearson was well ahead, but the scrap for the second slot was much closer. Mark Creighton and Manny Smith went close, but Nat Knight-Percival just about made won your approval.


  1. Dean Keates         28%
  2. Jay Harris              25%
  3. Connor Jennings  12%
  4. Lee Fowler            11%
  5. Brad Walker            5%
  6. Joe Allen                 4%
  7. Joe Clarke               3%

Dean Keates and Jay Harris were comfortably waved through to the final XI, but once again the last spot was decided by just 1%, as Connor Jennings just about beat Lee Fowler.


  1. Louis Moult     32%
  2. Andy Morrell   19%
  3. Danny Wright  14%
  4. Jake Speight    13%
  5. Andy Mangan    9%
  6. Dom Vose          4%

Another close-run thing for the last spot. Louis Moult’s prolific season earned him widespread support, and Andy Morrell also got the nod, but Danny Wright only just held off Jake Speight.


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