¡Si Señor, Firmino’s Song Was Wrexham’s Long Before!

Si Señor, give the ball to Bobby he will score!

It’s one of the best chants of the season, Liverpool’s tribute to Roberto Firmino, and has become one of the most evocative anthems of their superb season. But did Wrexham come up with it first?

Well, maybe not, but that photo of The Kop from the 1985 World Cup qualifier between Wales and Spain at least suggest we invented rhyming “score” with “señor”! Surely we’re due some percentage of the royalties?

The original song is by the barra bravas of River Plate – have a look at it here: it’s quite something! It’ll start in the right spot:

And for a rather nice slice of nostalgia, here are the goals from that remarkable match, as Mark Hughes delivered on the banner’s request in some style. The original Spanish commentary adds a bit of schadenfreude too!


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