#WxmAnorak Season Review | Player Records

Rob Lainton has the best goals conceded per game record of any Wrexham goalkeeper, and the least games per clean sheet, in the club’s history.


20 players made their Wrexham debuts:
Robert Lainton, Jake Lawlor, Kieran Kennedy, Brad Walker, Kemy Agustien, Scott Burgess, Luke Summerfield, Luke Young, Ben Tollitt, Jermaine McGlashan, Jordan Maguire-Drew, Bobby Grant, Jason Oswell, Cole Stockton, Anthony Spyrou, Mike Fondop. Rekeil Pyke, Stuart Beavon, Matty Sargent, Jack Thorn

Scott Burgess

2 players made their professional debuts:
Matty Sargent, Jack Thorn

Scored on Wrexham debut:
Ben Tollitt, Mike Fondop.

Scored most goals in a season in career:
Akil Wright (6), Rekeil Pyke (5), Kieran Kennedy (2)

Most goals in a game:
2 Ben Tolltt (Borehamwood (a)

Most assists in a game:
3 Luke Summerfield (Eastleigh (a))
2: Paul Rutherford (Gateshead (h))
Paul Rutherford (Eastleigh (h))
Luke Summerfield (Salford (h))
Luke Young (Braintree (h))

Sent off
Luke Summerfield (Sutton (a)) Overturned on appeal
Luke Young (Newport County(a))

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