Graham Barrow in Context

Graham Barrow’s record, in context, is an odd one. It’s inevitable, with such a small sample size, that the statistics are rather skewed and his figures are further exaggerated by the lack of draws under him. As a result, he features quite prominently at both the positive and negative ends of Wrexham’s managerial statistics.

Firstly, and incontestably, he is the shortest-lived manager the club has had. His 64 days between taking over from Sam Ricketts and leaving the club are comfortably a club record, eclipsing Arthur Cowell’s spell in charge, which was curtailed, rather understandably, by the outbreak of the Second World War!

Sam Ricketts is third in the list of managers we barely got to know, and it’s a reflection of our struggle to get out of the lowest level we’ve appeared in that a high number of our managers since we slipped into the Conference are featured among the list of managers who didn’t spend long at the club. Four of the seven permanent managers we’ve had at this level feature among the ten briefest stays at The Racecourse, as well as the manager who preceded our drop into the National League, Brian Carey.

Shortest time as Wrexham manager.

Barrow had a successful start to his time in charge though, and that, along with the small sample size means he has the eleventh best points per league game ratio in the club’s history. Again, we should be wary of statistics which aren’t backed up by a large field of data though. To prove that, note that Ricketts now stands at the top of the list, mainly as a result of not staying long enough for the figures to settle down.

Most points per league game by a Wrexham manager.

Barrow fares less well when it comes to his loss percentage though. Those five defeats on the bounce contributed to him losing 46% of his games, putting him 6th in the overall list.

Worst Wrexham manager loss percentage.

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