You Are Missing Out

One thousand and eighty nine Wrexham fans almost saw history made on Saturday. One thousand and eighty nine people held their breath as Kayden Jackson’s shot bobbled towards the goal. A microsecond when our bobbling season, looked to be taking a massive bounce forward. There are ten thousand plus people in Wrexham who want to see the Reds make history and most are missing out. It’s their loss, they won’t get the moments back.There are little murmurings that Jackson might be something special. With a bit less paint on the post I might have witnessed that murmur getting pretty loud. I watched Jermaine Defoe break the record for the longest goal scoring run in consecutive matches. That’s a story for Bournemouth grandchildren, in an otherwise uninspiring game. We’ll all be bragging about Kayden if he makes it big, and boring friends about when we saw him play.

The most thrilling opportunity for making Wrexham’s History is of course reaching the playoffs. If you read social media you’ll be getting put off coming to games for three quarters of the time. Realistically we are in the top ten. That doesn’t sound inspiring, but we’re a top ten team in top four form. Our form is a surprise because this feels like a new team after January, the fluidity is developing, and there’s more to come. Four clean sheets in a row is absolutely incredible. The team has almost unnoticed grown a magnificent spine; from Taylor through Heslop, and onto Jennings. This is a team in good form and on the up.

Mark Beck is getting slated for his lack of goals, and lack of pace. Mark Beck might be the new Jim Steel! Come and see for yourself.

I have never seen a game of football which lacked something wonderful, infuriating, shocking or tragic. People who have an interest in Wrexham don’t go because they want certainty for their money. Fans who go regularly attend for exactly the same reason. They want certainty they don’t miss out on something amazing.

I was there when Kayden Jackson nearly stamped our authority on the playoffs, and started the big-money scouts sniffing. I was there when our tentative dalliance with promotion almost became a charging run. How many more of these precious moments can the ten thousand plus afford to miss?

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