Winter Draws On

Sono match tonight then! Thankfully, thus far we’ve had a pretty mild winter and avoided the nightmare of having to rearrange a tranche of fixtures. Unfortunately we’ve had a couple of postponements, and the fixtures were just about as distant as you could imagine, but hopefully we won’t suffer any more. We did have a near miss about closer to home though, which brought back memories. As the fog closed in around the cross-border derby last October, I couldn’t help wondering if I would be able to see the players for the Wrexham Player commentary. It made me recall a previous game where the view was less than ideal.

I commentated on the famous match in 1992 against Colwyn Bay which was decimated by fog. It was played soon after our glorious victory over Arsenal and we were expected to dismiss our opponents comfortably. Instead, Colwyn Bay turned up with a hardened side which was made up most of hardened characters from the sides which play in the Liverpool leagues, and they immediately signalled their intention to make life very difficult for us.

They took the lead and established control of the game. We were second to everything and being completely outplayed. We soon found ourselves conceding again and it looked like we were about to experience the other end of the stick and discover how Arsenal had felt so recently as they left The Racecourse. Only an act of God could save us now.

And then along came an act of God.

When the fog came rolling in it gave no warning. It looked like someone had switched on a huge fog machine behind the GUS, or whatever that stand was called then. I was in the wooden commentary box that used to be perched on the derelict Mold Road Stand, and watched in amazement as the fog poured over the pitch, swallowing up the players as if it had a life of its own. Almost immediately I couldn’t see the Yale Stand, and making out the players, even those on my side of the pitch, went from lottery to impossibility,

It didn’t take long for the referee to recognise that there were only two things left for him to do. Tell the players to get off the pitch, and then try to work out which direction they had to go to achieve that! Colwyn Bay were left waiting in hope that the freak weather conditions would pass and they’d get a chance to finish off the job they had so admirably started. In the other changing room there were no doubt very different attitudes to the conditions.

Wrexham got their way. The game was called off. A wonderful reprieve; we would now be able to regroup, shake off the lethargy of this dismal performance and put Colwyn Bay firmly in their place when the game was rearranged. We lost that too.

In commentary terms the match wasn’t as awful as it might have been though. The fog had rolled in so quickly that there hadn’t been too long to try and cope before the game was off. I’m still awaiting the conditions that completely defeat me!

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