Trust and Confidence

The ‘mutual duty of trust and confidence’ is an Employment Law concept that every employee should be aware of. If your employer treats you badly your ‘trust and confidence’ in them is damaged. If they treat you really badly or do a series of unpleasant things you can leave and may have a claim for constructive dismissal. Wrexham Football Club are holding their AGM on 20th January. Do you trust the club? Do you have confidence in the club?

How you answer these questions depends on who you are, and there are two important groups to consider; the fans and the owners. All of us are fans, but when I put my owner head on (I used to love Wurzel Gummidge) I see things differently.

Looking as a fan you can be pretty disenchanted at the moment. The club have selected a poorly performing manager, and have not generated sufficient funds to buy quality players. They have repeatedly failed to get us out the Conference and have dismissed Andy Morrell and Kevin Wilkin to little effect.

A more generous fan’s view might glean some good signs, particularly the increase in support and the odd bit of sexy football. The harsher view is very important because it appears to be growing.

Slipping my owner head on (before I pop off for a nice cup of tea with Aunt Sally). I feel happier with the situation. Even in the Conference we have a professionally run club with a future. We have a chance at promotion, possibly this season and an even better chance the following season. I want the current custodians of the club to continue, I have trust in their judgment and confidence in their abilities. My owner head has a few headaches however.

We were promised a new fan survey, it hasn’t happened. This goes to the root of my headache. The board does good stuff, but they aren’t very good at consultation. They are secretive in some of their actions (are they planning to buy assets?) even when they are talking to their bosses. The argument that we shouldn’t give a commercial advantage to our competitors is a rather too convenient cloak to hide from accountability. I was looking forward to escaping the days of smug rich suits, passing down a couple of crumbs from the table. Those faces have gone but the image hasn’t been entirely removed.

My two heads will continue to argue (Its Zaphod Beeblebrox!!) but they both remain Trusting of the Board. They can get better, as they already have through necessity. As a fan you want a never-ending run of wins. As an owner there really hasn’t been anything substantial that would allow confidence to be lost in the board.

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