2 thoughts on “PODCAST: Wrexham FC v Halifax Town

  1. Don’t agree with Mr Griffiths on his excoriating attack on Neil Aspin. We are a team in top form, with two great wingers, fair enough. What we didn’t see today so much was Connor Jennings in shooting range, Moke charging down the middle and Evans bursting into the box. Aspin gambled, as he had to, on our two wingers hitting the needle in a haystack that is Gray’s head. His alternative was a massacre down the middle, and surrendering his teams shape.

    Mrs Aspin (Halifax)

    1. Very true Mrs Aspin, and hubby was also let down by his players – despite clogging the middle of the pitch up, Dom Vose walked through the middle of his team to score, just like Bromley did for their second goal last Saturday.

      He still should have protected his full backs though!

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