2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Andy Coughlin Masterclass

  1. The Andy Coughlin debate is very interesting. I think Wilkin is playing the situation absolutely right. Mark Griffiths comment in the podcast that he is a good conference keeper is very relevant to the debate. In Jonathan Flatt, and more so Danny Bachmann we have had the opportunity to take extremely high quality keepers on loan, and credit to Wilkin for that. His handling of Coughlin in these circumstances can’t be easy, but I think he’s done a good job of it.

    1. Agreed-he has a tricky job balancing matters while not damaging Coughlin’s confidence: do you stick with a keeper who just had the game of his life if a high quality alternative like Bachmann becomes fit? Do you take the hard-nosed decision to pick a keeper who is superior to Conference level or reward a keeper who has just performed superbly?

      I’m glad I’m not a manager!

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