Show Some Backbone


Things have come to a head. Opinions are hardening, and theories about our failure abound. So whose got the backbone for the fight? Do you think your views are in the majority? Great, then have the courage of your convictions and act, but beware, the rules have changed.

Wrexham, and all other clubs, go through periods of failure. It’s not worth defending the current on-field performances: we flicker into life, and then get emphatically snuffed out. It’s very difficult to defend our management team on any level, it’s hard to see sustained improvement, or even a clear direction. I certainly don’t have confidence I understand what Wilkin is trying to convey in his interviews. He might be saying that it will take two years to get a set of players who back him determinedly and loyally, he might be saying he feels we have a long run of wins coming this season, I really don’t know. The very best I can say with honesty is that Wilkin’s start has been disappointing, but not without hope.

An option unavailable to those wanting any change is to stand shouting at games and demand the sacking of the manager, or the board. This option isn’t open for two reasons: Firstly we are the board!, or if you want to be pedantic, the board are there acting on Trust members instructions, whether implicit or implied. You might be surprised if you read social media, to find quite how attached a huge number of silent fans are to their Board. Secondly, we are no longer a club who can convince/intimidate an intransigent owner to step aside. If our lot step aside it leaves a large hole where volunteers once stood. Hands up who wants to volunteer for vilification? I am not King Canute, standing in front of the sea telling it to go back. I’m a small voice advising against pissing in the wind.

There are two options if you want change. Organise, get support, and demand an Extraordinary General Meeting. Put your views to the members in a persuasive manner, get the Board voted off and your fellow campaigners voted on. In my judgement this action would fail. Too many people are loyal to the volunteers at the club, and the action would create a loss of goodwill , resulting in less volunteers, and decline. The second option is longer term, but is to go to meetings, have your say, and change opinions over time. Sorry, but if you want change then effort is required. Almost as much effort as the volunteers put in to run the Club. Actually that’s a lie, it’s always easier to destroy than create.

I support The Board and the Manager. My support and gratitude for the Board is unreserved and will last indefinitely. My support for the manager lasts as long as the Board’s does. I will try and persuade them to give him the length of his contract to prove himself.


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